Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the nine book Anne set. After several attemps of trying to get Anne of Green Gables published Maud placed the story in a hat box. Several years later she looked in the hatbox and saw the story. She rewrote the story and then began to resend it to publishers until L.C. Page accepted the story.

Anne of Green Gables quickly became popular and the public soon began to ask for more stories about Anne.

Maud wrote nineteen books and over one hundred short stories.

One can find copies at many places including new and used bookstores. For on-line possibilites try, Sullivan Boutique, and .

Anne of Green Gables published in 1908

Anne of Avonlea published in 1909

Anne of the Island published in 1915

Anne's House of Dreams published in 1917

Rainbow Valley published in 1919

Rilla of Ingleside published in 1920

Anne of Windy Poplars (Canadian tite: Anne of Windy Willows published in 1936

Anne of Ingleside published in 1939

This is the reading order.

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Avonlea

Anne of the Island

Anne of Windy Poplars

Anne's House of Dreams

Anne of Ingleside

Rainbow Valley

Rilla of Ingleside

There are also two other books that take place in Avonlea. Anne is in only one story.

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