Overall I am not impressed with the "high definition" release of Anne of Green Gables. The majority of the scenes seem to be the same or worse quality as the "Anne"versary edition (white box set). The focus is consistently soft and the majority of the scenes are much darker than before.
To be completely honest, I'm hoping that the copy that I own is a fluke, but I have a feeling that what I have is exactly the same as the others.
To me it also looks as though not all that much has been added to the left and right sides of the screen. The best image to look at for comparison would be the last one with Josie and Gilbert. We aren't able to see all that much more of the person's face. In the Road to Avonlea "HD" releases there is a very clear difference into how much has been added to the sides (click here for a comparison page). In my eyes- which, yes, are quite bad- there isn't nearly that much added to the sides for the Anne "HD" widescreen. If not as much "film" has been added to the sides then it is quite possible that the "film" is being stretched a bit to make it widescreen. If that is the case that would explain why scenes are having a softer focus than before.
I have tried playing around with different aspect ratios and none make the film look any better. I've even set the Anneversary release to be shown as widescreen and that, to me, looks better than the "hd" release.

I've taken caps from various points of the movie. Sometimes the hd quality looks pretty nice but there are still times where the hd qualitiy looks pretty awful.

What I've done below is taken comparison screen caps. The top image is the "hd" version. The bottom image is the Anneversary edition. I strongly recommend clicking on the images and looking at them at a larger size. It makes it much easier to see the differences.
If you would like to see a comparison of a certain scene please let me know and I will be more than willing to cap the scene.

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