Overall I am not impressed with the "high definition" release of Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel. The majority of the scenes seem to be the same or worse quality as the "Anne"versary edition (white box set).
It seems odd to me that there is no extra film on the sides... instead of giving us widescreen by giving the original cut they seem to have us the 4:3 cut to widescreen. (Pardon me, if I use the wrong aspects or terminology. I'm not a resolution guru.) In the Road to Avonlea "HD" releases there is a very clear difference into how much has been added to the sides (click here for a comparison page).
Overall, I think that this restoration is better than the restoration of the first film. The first film had a consistent soft focus where as with this movie the focusing seems to almost always be the same. I don't understand why the low-light scenes are exceedingly dark in the 'hd' release. I suppose that the restoration team may have been trying to keep the coloring and lighting as similar to what it would have been when first filmed.

Upon comparing the two releases on a tv using a blu-ray player I would have give the overall clearer and smoother picture to the Restoration release. Both releases are still somewhat grainy in some scenes, but the graininess is noticeably less in the Restoration release.
The first propsal scene (which is compared below) isn't as dark on the tv as it appears on the computer moniter. I'm sure that the darkness in the scene is what the lighting was like in the filming of the scene. Personally, I prefer the brighter scene as my eyes have difficulty with seeing darker scenes. I do think that there is a different tone to the scene when it is darker and I do like the tone as it adds to the scene.
I do think that the color enhancement has been over done. The coloring in the 'Anne'versary release is, I think, very good and didn't need as much touch up as it was given.
When it's all said and done I still prefer the 'Anne'versary release. The somewhat clearer picture of the Restoration is nice, but the overdone coloring and the darker proposal scene tips my preference to the 'Anne'versary release.

What I've done below is taken comparison screen caps. The top image is the "hd" version. The bottom image is the 'Anne'versary edition. I strongly recommend clicking on the images and looking at them at a larger size. It makes it much easier to see the differences.

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