20th Anniversary Edition
Wow! I love the extras on disc five. The film legacy was superbly done. There were “interviews” with Megan Follows, Patricia Hamilton, Rosemary Dunsmore (Katherine Brooke), Mag Ruffman, Martha Mann (Costume Designer), Cedric Smith, Colleen Dewhurst, Richard Farnsworth (very brief), and Jon Crombie. Interview is in quotes because they weren't asked questions (that we heard) they just talked about their experience on the set. I think that most of the Megan clips were on the Anne3 dvd. There were some clips though of her from Anne1 and Anne2. I'd never seen Pat's, Rosemary's, Mag's Martha's, Cedric's, Colleen's- though I did recognize the background from an RtA interview-, Richard's, and Jon's. Some of Jon's was in Anne3, but there was a clip from Anne1.

The Picture Quality: Unfortunately, to me the quality seems to be about the same. I think the quality of the 20th edition is slightly better than the previous editions.

The music on the menus screen matches the movie this time! No more Avonlea music. ~grins~ The menus are very pretty. The screen is split in half, and the bottom half is split into three sections. These three sections have clips of the movie playing.

Worth the Money
Is it worth the money? If you have the movies on vhs or don't even have them and are considering buying them on dvd, then I'd say yes, spend the extra money for this. The box set is beautiful. You can choose which scene you want though a downside to this release is that they're supposedly closed captioned and I can't get them to work! The extras on this release are excellent.
For those that have the dvds, I can't tell you if it's worth your money to buy the set again. It really depends on you and how much you enjoy the movies. The extras are, in my opinion, excellent. I do wish there were more ~laughs~, but I'm extremely grateful for what we were given.
Another great addition is that the discs are dual layered, so one no longer needs to flip the discs over to watch the other half of the movie. The Sequel is on two discs since it's too long to have on one dvd.

Photos of the package and contents. Click on the photo for a larger size and hold the mouse over the photo to see what the photos is of!

Photos from bonus

Comparing Photos

Click on the photos for a larger size. The photos have been scaled down to load more quickly, but I had the same percentage on both editions.

caps from 2002 dvds

20th Edition

There really isn't a noticeable differnce of quality on the computer. To me the better quality is more noticeable on the tv, but even then, I really don't think that the quality is tons better.

HD Widescreen
To be perfectly honest I am disappointed with the widescreen release. On the whole I do not notice an improvement in the quality and a lot of times I think that the quality is worse.
To me, the quality of the Anniversary edition is just as good if not even better at times than the "hd" release.

If you would like to see a comparison of screen shots from the "hd" release and the Anneversary relase check out this page.

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