Anne of Green Gables

The movie begins with Anne wandering through the woods reading The Lady of Shallot. As Anne's mind slow focuses on the world she hears Mrs. Hammond calling and runs off to take Mr. Hammond his lunch.

When Anne arrives at the sawmill Mr. Hammond is yelling at a worker, collapses, and dies. Because of Mr. Hammond's death, Mrs. Hammond is no longer able to care for Anne as well as for her own children. Anne is then sent to an orphanage and is there for six months.

A brother and sister on Prince Edward Island want a little boy around twelve years old, but the message is incorrectly delivered and instead of receiving a boy the Cuthberts receive Anne.

After enjoying a glorious drive to Green Gables Anne learns that there was a mistake and that she was supposed to be a boy. Marilla would like to send Anne back to the orphanage, but a lady in the vicinity is also interested in Anne. Marilla cannot stand the lady, but also she is slowly beginning to warm to Anne. Marilla then tells Anne that she's staying at Green Gables for a trial period and after many mistakes and a few confessions, Marilla tells Anne that she can stay at Green Gables.

Anne befriends her neighbor's daughter, Diana Barry, and they become bosom friends. After Anne accidentally "sets Diana drunk" Mrs. Barry refuses to let Diana associate with Anne. Eventually Anne redeems herself by saving the life of Diana's younger sister.

Time passes and a new teacher comes to Avonlea. Miss Stacey believes in higher education for woman and asks the Cuthberts if they would allow Anne to join the prep class for Queen's.

Anne excells at Queen's and earns a scholarship for Redmond College. Anne makes plans to attend the college but after Matthew's death Anne has to decide whether or not to continue her education or stay in Avonlea to be with Marilla.

Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel

During her free time Anne is secretely writing a story. One day while on the beach near the White Sands hotel her papers blow away and Morgan Harris helps Anne. Once Anne finishes the story she sends it to a magazine company in hopes of getting it published. On the last day of the school term a manilla envelope arrives for Anne, but alas! The envelope contains a rejection slip.

Gilbert too is disappointed with the result and tries to cheer Anne up as he "walks" her back home. On the walk Anne learns that Diana is engaged to Fred Wright.

After Diana's wedding and Anne's second refusal Gilbert's proposal she wonders what her next step in life should be. She decides to accepts Miss Stacey's offer and teach at Kingsport Ladies College.

The Pringles are a very clannish lot and due to Anne's being accepted to teach at the school over another Pringle relation the Pringles are determined to make Anne fail. After much struggle and conflict Anne wins the Pringles and slowly befriends the crabby principal, Katherine Brooke, and encourages Katherine to visit Avonlea during summer break.

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story

Anne's return to Green Gables after being away for five years is disheartening when she sees a run-down and unloved Green Gables.

Diana questions Anne when she and Gilbert intend to get married and is delighted that the wedding is planned to take place in the near future, but when Gilbert returns from New York City and asks Anne to be with him during his final months it puts a halt on the wedding plans. At first Anne refuses, but when Gilbert promises that they'll return to Avonlea to raise a family, she agrees to go with him.

While in New York, Anne works for a publishing company and becomes the hit-writer's, Jack Garrison, editor. After much trouble and heartache for both Anne and Gilbert they realize that they will never fit in in New York City and return to PEI to be married.

Upon the return to PEI Gilbert and Anne realize that while the war is just a headline in the New York papers it's a reality in Canada. Many men are answering the call, including Diana's husband, Fred. Diana is devastated that Fred enlists and is even more upset when she learns that Gilbert has enlisted.

Because all of Anne's letters to Gilbert are returned, Anne goes overseas with the Red Cross to try to find Gilbert. While there, she meets up with Jack and ends up taking care of his child, Dominic, in London. While yet searching for Gilbert Anne finds a missing Fred and helps him to the safety of London.

While in London, Anne begins working for a newspaper where Jack used to work. The owner, Fergus Keegan, is using Anne to receive inside information. After being tipped off by a fellow co-worker, Anne takes Dominic and flees to France- unknowingly delivering valuable gems that will help the war effort.

Anne and Jack meet at Neuf Chateau, and Jack begins to use his contacts help Anne find Gilbert.

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning is a prequel as well as a sequel to The Continuing Story. The movie begins with the grown-up Anne having a dream from when she was a child. Anne is awakened by her playwright manager, Gene, who hands her a returned letter that Anne had sent to her son, Dominic.

After talking to Gene Anne begins to think of her childhood and thinks back to when her mother dies. In the sequence we learn that Walter Shirley works for the lumber mill and that Bertha wants him to stop working for the lumber mill and find an easier job. Sadly, Bertha soon dies and Walter, who is accused of doing in his wife, disappears, leaving Anne with the Thomases.

The movie then cuts back to the present and we learn that Green Gables is for sale and that Diana's children, John and Elsie, are packing up the belongings. Elise accidentally drops a cup of pennies and while gathering them she discovers a loose floorboard in the closet. Upon removing the floorboard Elsie discovers a package of letters written to Marilla.

Elsie gives the letters to Anne, who learns that they're old love letters from John Blythe. Elsie then hands Anne another letter and asks Anne who Walter Shirley is. Anne becomes pale and informs John and Elsie that Walter was her father.

Once Anne is alone she thinks back to the time just after her father disappeared. Louisa Thomas is unable to take care of her and takes Anne to the county poorhouse. The poorhouse doesn't normally accept children, but makes an exception in this case. Anne is cruelly and unfairly treated at the poorhouse. After Anne and older gentleman are oddly punished the board begins to investigate and interrogates Anne. Upon Anne's testimony the poorhouse is shut down and while the inhabitants are in the process of being moved to a different poorhouse Anne escapes.

While Anne is running she inadvertently comes across Louisa and her children who are also ironically running. Louisa is running to her mother-in-law's and agrees to take Anne with her. Louisa mistakingly thinks that Mrs. Thomas will accept Anne. Anne works in the stables until she loses Mrs. Thomas's trust. Mrs. Thomas wants to send Anne to the orphanage but Louisa intervenes and Anne is sent to live and work at Mrs. Thomas's lumber mill. For a time Anne works at the lumber mill and then later at an apple orchard. Louisa's daughter, Violetta, finds Anne at the apple orchard and brings Anne back to live with the Thomases as they had discovered that they had wrongly accused Anne.

Anne's return to the Thomases reveals that there is much turmoil concerning the lumber mill. Mrs. Thomas has little money and is unable purchase needed updates for the mill. The workers are becoming testy as well as suspicious and begin to wonder if Mrs. Thomas even owns the land that they're cutting trees. Matters go from bad to worse for Mrs. Thomas and one night the mill is destroyed by fire. Mrs. Thomas disappears and once again Louisa is on the run and this time does not take Anne with her. Anne is then taken to the Hammonds.

Elsie's discovering a letter from Walter leads Anne to search for her father to discover if he is still alive. After much waiting for news she learns that her father has recently died.

Anne then goes to the firm that handled her father's will and there learns that she has a half-brother. She begins searching for her half-brother, but is unable to learn anything.

Thoughts and Criticism

Warning! Spoilers below!

Anne of Green Gables

Kevin Sullivan's adaptation of Anne of Green Gables is superb. The cast is excellent and well fit L. M. Montgomery's descriptions. As most book to movie adaptions are, there are differences from the book. Two noticeable differences are the date date change and the moving around of various escapades. The original date for Anne is 1857 but in the movie it's 1903.

The Canadian scenery is very pretty and the few scenes filmed on Prince Edward Island are breathtaking.

In my opinion, Anne, Marilla, Matthew, and Rachel are casted the best. They are almost exactly what I pictured them to look like. Gilbert is well casted, but I found his mop of curls to be a little distracting- especially at the White Sands when he becomes a bobble head. Other than his hair, Jonathan Crombie does a superb job in portraying Gilbert.

I seesaw back and forth between this and Anne3 for being my favorite. I love how similar it is to the books and how well casted it is. People may say that "Anne of Green Gables is a movie for girls." That's most definitely not true. The real men are the ones who enjoy the film.

Favorite Scene: My favorite scene is when Marilla tells Anne that she is staying.

Funniest Scene: I think that the funniest scene is when Anne stops Miss Stacey from eating the plum pudding.

Favorite Quote: You're our girl now, and the prettiest one this side of Halifax.

Funniest Quote: This is the most tragical thing that has ever happened to me.

Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel

This movie's adaption isn't quite as good as Anne of Green Gables. This movie is based on Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, and Anne of Windy Poplars.

I enjoy the first half of this movie, but I find the second half tedious. While I can tolerate the Pringles and love Katherine I don't like Anne's fling with Morgan Harris. Anne's infatuation with Morgan made little sense to me. How did he fit her ideal man?

I do love the ending. Anne's fear that Gilbert was dying led her to realize that she really did care for him.

Katherine Brooke is one of my favorite characters in the movie. I think that it was good for Anne to have a struggle to overcome such a "mean" person. I think that Katherine helped Anne realize how her life could have been had Matthew and Marilla not adopted her.

Favorite Scene: My favorite scene is when Anne and Diana "practice the wedding march." If you ever meet me, ask me to sing "Oh Promise Me" the way Anne did. ;)

Funniest Scene: The funniest scene is definitely when Anne and Diana are chasing Dolly.

Favorite Quote: I don't want diamonds are marbled halls. I want you.

Funniest Quote: Well, it's taught me a lesson: not to stake my word of honor on cows.

Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story

Despite the deviation from the books, this movie is sometimes my favorite. I love Anne and Gilbert's wedding- I also really like Anne's dress. When the tent collapses, it's neat how they are having a good time, but the reality sinks in that they may never see each other again. I'm not particularly fond of the trip to New York City. I think that it was a waste of time and the time used in NYC could have been effectively used elsewhere.

For a while, I didn't like Jack, but I have come to enjoy most of parts. I don't like him in New York City, but he's much better in Europe. I do get a little frustrated with him when he meets Anne in Europe and he leaves Collette and Dominic with Anne. I thought that the plot with the gems was stretched out just a little bit. But, without that subplot, we wouldn't have met the ninnies.

The ninnies are the two people that Anne meet on the train. They seem to give Anne the strength to move on. Don't forget, that without Mag and Elsie, Anne might not have found Gilbert quite as quickly. I do have to admit that they do drive me a bit crazy here and there, but mostly I am amused by them.

I do find Diana and Fred's rocky marriage a bit hard to accept. Also, what happened to the money that Aunt Jo left her? I realize that the war would have made a dent in the money, but a big enough dent that Diana had to move back in with her mother?

People often complain that there isn't much of the "real Anne" in the movie. I disagree. The things Anne says are very typical.

Favorite Scene: My favorite scene is when Anne is singing Let Me Call You Sweetheart and Gil recognizes her voice. That part is the best acted part in all three movies.

Favorite Quote: I came her for one reason and one reason only, and I'm not going to leave until I have turned up every single floorboard to find out everything I can.

Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning

There really isn't a whole lot that I like about this movie. It's not that the movie is not well done or well acted or well filmed, but I can't get over the changes that were made to Anne's history. I realize that Kevin Sullivan wanted to make this a tribute to Maud and was inspired by Maud's early life, but I would have prefered for Sullivan use his inspiration to make a documentary rather than change Anne's history.

While I don't enjoy the movie, I do appreciate the fact that Kevin once again gave into the fan's demands and another Anne film. Now... if I could just get the fans to start begging for a Wind at My Back reunion...

In the movie we learn that Anne really isn't an orphan and that her parents didn't really die when she was small. We also learn that her father is not a school teacher but a disreputable and troublecausing man.

We learn that Marilla has been hiding a letter from Anne for years. I believe Marilla may have turned over in her grave over this misdeed. ;)

I also found it hard to really like any of the characters. I did like young Anne and she did do an excellent job, I just didn't care for the storyline. I did not like the adult Anne. To me she was someone with red hair whose name happened to be Anne.

In the prequel part of the story there really wasn't anyone to like except Anne. I borderline on liking Mrs. Thomas, but I keep wondering if I'm really supposed to like her. Louisa is likable until one learns that she's out for herself and doesn't really care for anyone other than herself. Nellie the Whip is likable, but are we supposed to like a person who is attempting to destroy another's life?

In the present Anne there weren't all that many characters other than Anne, Gene, Elsie, and John and even Elsie's and John's roles are minimal.

It was very odd to see Anne in pants. I realize it is '45, but I would have thought that Diana's daughter would have been more apt to wear pants than Anne.

How is Hepsibah still alive? She must be well over one hundred! Walter dies at age eighty-four, I believe. Walter had to have been at the least twenty years younger than Hepsibah which would make Hepsibah one hundred and four in 1945.

Why is Anne writing under Anne Shirley?

I didn't mind the changes as much in Anne3 because we did not learn that Anne and Marilla had lied in the past. Making both Anne and Marilla to be liars ruined the movie for me.

The highlight for me was very briefly seeing Rachel Lynde at the end of the film.

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