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This is my list of biographies and books on Lucy Maud Montgomery. I have read very few of these books and thus unable to give insite.


Remembering Lucy Maud Montgomery by Alexandra Heilborn: This is one of the few books about Maud that I've read. It really isn't a biography. It has interviews with people that knew Maud. At the end of the book it has articles written and about Maud. I fond it enjoyable to read.

The Years Before Anne by Francis Bolger: This is an interesting book. Reading this book is a great way to learn about Maud's life before she wrote Anne of Green Gables.

The Wheel of Things by Molly Gillen: This is written by an Australian author.

The Lucy Maud Montgomery Album by Kevin McCabe: This is an excellent book. The beginning contains a biography on Maud. The later half of the book tells of her books as movies and as well as the impact of the books on people. I high recommend buying this book.

Writing a Life

The Intimate Life of L. M. Montgomery by Irene Gammel: I've read that this really isn't a biography, but has essays about Maud's life.

My Dear Mr.M: Letters to G. B. MacMillan by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Green Gables Letters: by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Letters to Ephraim Weber by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Alpine Path by Lucy Maud Montgomery: This book was written by Maud sometime between 1910 and 1920. It has some wonderful information.


You can buy copies of these books at eBay and Amazon.

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