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Anne of Green Gables

Will there ever be an Anne4?

Yes, a fourth Anne movie was made in 2008 and is now available on dvd.

Why is Anne3 so much different from the books.

Before Anne3 was made, there was a dispute with L. M. Montgomery's heirs. Because of this, another film based off of a book wasn't really possible.

Are all of the actors still alive?

No. Colleen Dewhurst passed away in 1991. Richard Farnsworth passed away in 2000. Charmion King (Aunt Jo) passed away on January 6th, 2007nd Other than that, people of the main cast are still alive.

Is Megan Follows married?

I know that she was engaged, but I'm not sure if she's married yet. She does have a boy and a girl from a previous marriage.

Is Jonathan Crombie married?


Were they filmed on PEI?

Only a few scenes were filmed on PEI. In Anne1, the scene where Anne and Matthew drive through "White Way Delight" is filmed on PEI.

Are there any dress patterns available?

You can only buy the pattern of Anne's wedding dress.

Road to Avonlea

Will there be another reunion movie?

As of now, there are no plans, but many of the main cast members are willing/want to do another reunion. Kevin Sullivan said that he isn't opposed to the idea.

What is AvCon?

AvCon -Avonlea Convention- is a meeting where fans get together. A few cast members also come. Kevin Sullivan has also come. If you have a chance to go to an AvCon, I urge you to go. For more information go to here

When is the next AvCon?

The next AvCon is in 2007. As of now, no date is set.

Why was Cecily recasted?

The producers wanted her to develope more and they thought that they needed a different actress to play Cecily. Unfortunately, Cecily didn't develope very much.

Was this filmed on PEI?

Most of the show was filmed in Ontario. A scenes were shot on PEI.

Are there any dress patterns?

Unfortunately, no.

When will season seven be released on dvd?

It will be released March 2nd, 2007.

Why are there only thirteen episodes in each season?

From what I've been told, thirteen episodes is pretty common for a Canadian program. Honestly, I think that thirteen episodes in each season is a good thing, because then you don't have nearly as many "dumb" episodes.

Does Avonlea exist?

No. Avonlea is based on Carlisle, PEI.

What books are Road to Avonlea based on?

The Story Girl, The Golden Road, Chronicles and Further Chronicles of Avonlea

Have any of the King children married in real life?

Yes, Gema Zamprogna (Felicity) is married and has two children. I think that Harmony Cramp (Cecily) is also married and has a daughter.

Are all of the actors still alive?

No. Colleen Dewhurst passed away in 1991. Kay Tremblay passed away in 2005.

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