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Set in the depression, Ryan Delaney tries to find work so that he can go to the university. Because his father died in the war, his mother sent Ryan's younger brother, Sullivan, to live with relatives. The relative that Sullivan is staying with loses his job, and he can no longer keep Sullivan. Because of that Ryan is not able to work because he needs to watch his brother. Ryan decides to try getting a job as a camp director. Despite the fact that Ryan has never been to a camp and has very little knowledge of camping, his facade works and he receives the job. Much to Ryan's dismay, he has to take his pesky little brother with him. At the camp, Ryan's lacking outdoor skill is very noticeable and various members begin to wonder if he's really worked at a camp before.

Meanwhile, Sullivan struggles to make friends, and none of the kids want to be his friend. Eventually, Sullivan befriends the camps toughest kid, Ratface. Sullivan loves his brother, but Ryan doesn't seem to love him, and continuously hurts Sullivan's feelings. When Sullivan discovers that his birthday cake was made out of cardboard, he thinks that his brother was the one who did the joke. The joke really hurts Sullivan and he runs away. When Ryan and the camp members can't find Sullivan, Ryan realizes how much his brother means to him.

My Thoughts

This movie isn't one of my favorites. It's a nice story, but I thought that a part or two could have been left out. A few scenes everyone is wearing "Indian" clothes, and I found them rather disturbing. Overall, it's a good movie and fine for kids to watch.


Ryan ~ Greg Spottiswood

Sullivan ~ Zachary Bennett

Chief Berman ~ Joe Flaherty

Grace Gibson ~ Patricia Gage

Mrs. Delaney ~ Patricia Phillips

Ratface ~ Noah Godfrey

Pual ~ Paul Haddad

Babe ~ Dean Hamilton

Mo ~ Hugh Thompson

Floyd ~ Eric Fink

Myron ~ Elliot Hurst

Billy Tisser ~ Thor Bishopric

Aunt Maureen ~ Mary Durkan

Nurse Blanche ~ Mag Ruffman

Moose ~ Michael Rubinoff

Gretta ~ Darlene Heaslip

Connie ~ Beverly Cooper

Wealthy Matrons ~ Marilyn Boyle

  Lynn Gorman

  Mia Anderson

  Vivian Reis

Knuckles ~ Shane Skillen

A Camper ~ Trevor Buttenham

Kid on Diveboard ~ Johnathon Bishop

Police Officer ~ Michael Maybee

Chief's Secretary ~ Araby Lockhart

Principal ~ Les Carlson

Mr. Schultz ~ Howard Jerome

John Schultz ~ Richard Horgan

Registrar's Assistant ~ Dora Dainton

Photographer ~ Jack Jessop

Storekeeper ~ Les Rubie

Rich Kid ~ Patrick Sisam

Ryan's Stunt Double ~ Ted Hanlan

Grace's Stunt Double ~ Debbie Kirby

Stunt Performers ~ Gary Chessman

  Douglas Macey

Music By John Welsman

Filming Locations

Camp Kandlore

Camp Calumet

Chateau Woodland

Gooderham and Worts LTD.

Victoria College

Whitevale, Ontario

Woodland Park

Grand River Conservation Authority

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