Have you been looking at the vintage clothes at Still the Lovely and trying to unsuccessfully place who wore what? You're not alone, as I've done the same thing! What I've done is compiled snapshots of the characters wearing the apparel along with photos of the clothes from Still the Lovely. Clicking on the images that are copyrighted "Still the Lovely" will take you directly to that apparel.
Just because I list one episode for where the item can be seen does not mean that the apparel is exclusive to that episode. The episode I'm referencing is the episode that I acquired the screen cap.
Thank you so much to my friends at Avonlea Message Board for helping me with this page!

Alec King
An Avonlea Christmas
Note: This sweater was also worn by Malcolm McEwan.

Cecily King
Screen cap coming soon.

Felicity King
The Lady and the Blade

Modern Times

A Time to Every Purpose

An Avonlea Christmas

Hetty King
Malcolm and the Baby

The Trouble with Davey

Janet King
Aunt Janet Rebels

Strictly Melodrama
Note: Clara Potts wears this coat in "An Avolea Christmas."

Clara Potts
Home Movie

Dreamer of Dreams
Note: This coat was also worn by Evelyn Morrow in Lantern Hill.

Sara Stanley
The Lady and the Blade
Note: This sweater is also worn by Livvy Hubble in An Avonlea Christmas as well as Alice MacFarlane from Wind at My Back.

Moving On

The Dinner

Extras/Guest Stars

The Countess
What a Tangled Web We Weave

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