These are the birthdays of the actors of Road to Avonlea. Some of the main actors are missing because I couldn't find their birthdate.

Zachary Ansley: January 12th, 1972

Molly Atkinson: December 19th, 1976

Zachary Bennett: February 17th, 1980

Jackie Burroughs: February 2nd, 1939

Heather Brown: June 8th, 1981

Lally Cadeau: January 10th, 1948

Valentina Cardinalli: June 9th, 1975

Les Carlson: February 24th, 1933

Harmony Cramp: December 2nd, 1979

Colleen Dewhurst: June 3rd, 1924 Died: August 22nd 1991

Rosemary Dunsmore: 1953

Barbara Hamilton: December 11th, 1931 Died: May 4th 1997

Frances Hyland: April 25th, 1927 Died: July 11th, 2004

Kyle Labine: April 7th, 1983

Marilyn Lightstone: 1941

Michael Mahonen: April 7th, 1964

Albert Millaire: January 18th, 1935

Ashley Muscroft: October 6th, 1984

Miklos Perlus: March 3rd, 1977

Michael Polley: 1933

Sarah Polley: January 8th, 1979

Mag Ruffman: 1957

Cedric Smith: 1943

R.H. Thomson: 1947

Kay Tremblay: 1914 Died August 9th, 2005

Christopher Weedon: February 8th, 1992

Gema Zamprogna: May 24th, 1976

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