These aren't entirely bloopers. Some are just interesting facts.

Many thanks go to the forumers at AvonleaMB for answering my questions and helping me find bloopers and interesting details.

The Journey Begins
The long shots from when Sara first sees her father (in the meeting with the lawyer) are actually showing Sarah Polley's double.
While Alec is taking Nanny, Sara, and Andrew to King Farm, Felix can be seen sitting in the buggy, but when they arrive at King Farm, Felix is there to greet them. (Thanks Liz)

The Story Girl Earns Her Name
Why would Ira Bigins take his buggy to the Lawson's General Store when he lives across the street?
In the school (the first time) we see the backs of the students. Note: The order and Jane Spry's clothes. The view shifts to Felix who leans over and whispers. Jane Spry leans into the aisle. Note: Jane's dress now is green (with white pinafore) and a boy is sitting behind her instead of Felicity. When they exit school (the same day) Jane has a white dress and pinafore on as she did when we saw the backs of the students.
When Sara chases Jasper and is by the barn, the back view of Sara her bow is high, when we see her from the front, her bow is much lower.
We see Olivia, Sara, and Felix walking into town, yet we only see Olivia and Sara at Lawson's.
If Clemmie is sick, why is she at the pond when Felix and another boy push Sally into the pond?

The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's
When Sara takes the wreath of the grave, you can see that Felix in not wearing a hat. A few moments later they show the children walking and Felix does have a hat on, and again, moments later it is vise versa.

The Materializing of Duncan McTavish
COMMENT Anne's Theme (from Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel) is played throughout the episode.
At the end of the episode we see Duncan driving across the bridge, the people at the church can see him, and Duncan pulls up to the church; however, the bridge is nowhere near the church.

Old Lady Lloyd (aka Song in the Night)
After Sara falls and injures her knee, she twists around to look at her knee, the screen shifts to show her knee, shows it for less than a second and Miss Lloyd thrusts the fire poker under Sara who is now lying flat.
When traveling to the Lloyd mansion, there is a scene in which you can see the car in the background. The buggy is going left to the right of the screen, while the car is going right to left. COMMENT There is also a town in the background where the car is.
Why is Felix hanging around Rose Cottage?

Aunt Abigail's Beau
How did Sara know Malcolm swung Abigail around? The curtain was closed!
Check out Malcolm's mustache. The left side is thicker than the right side and the gap between them changes. It's most noticeable at church.
When Malcolm drops off the bed at King Farm, there isn't a mattress in it, yet we see Alec lying on it with a blue? Mattress in it.
For one who washes her floor so frequently, the floor is very dirty.
The coach leaves without Malcolm retrieving his luggage.

Malcolm and the Baby
When Felicity is feeding the baby in the barn, the level of the milk never changes, indicating that she isn't really holding a live baby.

Why was Peter never in school before?

Blackie is referred as a she several times in this episode, but in Felix and BlackieBlackie is referred to as a he. (Thanks Kindred)
We see Mrs. Ray holding the dog back, but then turns around and closes the door with both hands, letting the dog free to mangle Peg!?
When Peter is crying in the barn, his clothes have changed since he was in the apple orchard. Note the bow tie. (Thanks Bob)

Felicity's Challenge
Were there rubber bands back then? Edward is playing with one in school.
When Alec is talking to Judson Parker at the Harvest Party, his collar is messed up.
Clemmie's collar is also messed up at when she first arrives at the Harvest Party but is fixed later in the evening.
When Felicity tries to talk to Clemmie in town, more snow is falling by Felicity than by Clemmie and Edward.

The Witch of Avonlea
Felix is wearing the same shirt that he wears in Lantern Hill.
Why are there clothes on the line in winter?
The music played during Felicity's dream is from Sleeping Beauty. (Thanks Kindred)
The snow scene showing the kids leaving school is from Felicity's Challenge.
The school is closer to King Farm then Rose Cottage. Why would Hetty and Felix stop at Rose Cottage?
When Alec is talking to Felix (in Felix's room) before the competition, Felix is straightening his jacket, gets it straightened. Then the view shifts to show the front of Felix and we see Felix straighten it again.
If those were the schools best spellers, I'd hate to see what the other students are like!

Nothing Endures But Change
When Blair swings Sara around (outside) what is that yellow blob behind him? mysteriously appears.
After Hetty closes the door in Jasper's face, Jasper turns his face to the right and we see that snow has landed on the camera.
Right before we see Hetty in Sara's room, we see someone chopping wood and it's not snowing. When Peter comes inside, it's snowing heavily, but when Blair comes to Rose Cottage it's hardly snowing.
Was Alec supposed to knock the chair over?

Sara's Homecoming

The train scene is from Lantern Hill.

When the man comes and tells Nanny that Blair has died, the maid standing behind Sara and Hetty has disappeared!

Sara drops both of her shoes through the hole, and Alec doesn't pick them both up, yet later we see Sara with both slippers.

How Kissing Was Discovered

Felicity us upset that the North Shore wins, but when the camera zooms out she is grinning.

The sock the Great Aunt Eliza is knitting grows rapidly in a matter of a few seconds.

Felicity remodels her dress for the dance, but we see it in its original form in 'Aunt Hetty's Ordeal'.

When Gus packs his things, they clearly show him put his violin in. After he kisses Felicity he throws the bag from the loft, a drop of say thirty feet. {Thanks Mom}

Alec says that he tore a ligament in his shoulder he doesn't seem to mind holding Cecily.

Aunt Hetty's Ordeal

They show Gus 'lighting' his pipe in the school and he sticks it in his pocket. Wouldn't the pipe be hot and burn Gus's shirt? {This happens a few times}

In one of the classroom scenes, it shoes Felicity glancing at Gus. When the view changes, Felicity's clothes have changed. (Thanks rtafan2812)

You can easily see that Gus has a button missing and only has three buttons. Gus says that that is his only pair of clothes, but when he plays his violin at the end, his shirt has all of the buttons!

Gus is clearly not wearing shoes the first day, but when he runs off, you can see that he has shoes on.

In the closing scene, you can see the PEI provincial flag flying in front of the White Sands. That flag was not adopted as the provincial flag until 1964. (Thanks Brian)

Of Corsets, Secrets, and True, True Love

Anne's Theme (from Anne of Green Gables) is heard playing in this episode.

When Sara, Davy, and Dora are in the barn (later Marilla, Rachel, Davy, and Dora), they are really in the King's barn.

Old Quarrels, Old Love

Romney hadn't been back to the island for many years, yet he new the ladies husband's names. (Zsolt)

May the Best Man Win

When Jasper is walking with Sara next to the wagon near the bridge, you can see utility polls, even though there is now electricity to the island. (Zsolt)

Sea Ghost

When Gus plays his violin with Felix and Sara watching, Felix stifles a laugh! Also when Captain Crane yells at Felix and Sara, Felix is still trying to stifle a laugh! {Thanks Josh}

All the Glitters

Hetty corrects Gus in his pronunciation of privateer, but later we hear her say it the way Gus pronounced it. (Thanks Tom)

Captain Crane got the treasure out of the box, but why did the box have so many cobwebs and look as though it hadn't been touched for a long time? (Thanks kindredanne)

It's Just a Stage

COMMENT The music in the background when Pigeon receives the love letter and when they are reciting the poem, the music is from Anne of Green Gables one and two.

A Mother's Love

When Felicity and Cecily visit Sally, Is it just me or does Cecily's coat change colors?

Isn't the dress Felicity is wearing at the contest the one Sara gives her in 'High Society'? {also her bow is crooked thanks Mom}

Misfits and Miracles

When the students leave the school the scene is from Felicity's Challenge.

It's the King's pond, why did the Avengers kick them off?

When Janet is peeling the second potato, we never see any potato peels fly through the air as we did when she peeled the first potato.

Janet gives Sara a pair of brown ice skates, yet we Sara wearing black skates on the ice. When she runs of the the ice her skates are still black, but when she begins to take them off they're brown. When Peg helps Sara skate, Sara's skates are black again. (Thanks Mom)

When She Was Bad... She was Horrid (part one)

COMMENT: When Sara and Gus reach the mainland the music playing is the same that is played in Aunt Hetty's Ordeal. Also in Part 2 the same music is being played when Buck chases Sara.

When She Was Bad... She was Horrid {part two}

When Jo is drinking her milk, her glass magically refills itself.

When Gus and Sara escape from the boat, where is everyone?

At the end of this show when they enter Lawson's store, you can see Felicity, Felix, Andrew, and Sara by the Avonlea post board, from the show 'The Story Girl Earns Her Name'. (Zsolt)

COMMENT People often think that Blackie's appearance in the episode is a mistake, but Felix and Blackie aired after When She was Bad....

Felix and Blackie

When Alec and Felix are coming home from buying Caeser, the scenery behind them is continually changing and when the camera zooms out the background doesn't match.

After the accident, they show Felix walking towards Blackie. The view shifts a bit and somehow Blackie has moved several feet.

Felix acted like he just collected the eggs {near the end}, but he really has just gotten out there.

Another Point of View (aka Facts and Fiction)

Janet tells Alec that “half the town” is complaining about Hetty's teaching, but Janet only spoke with three people. (Thanks Liz)

Gus starts laughing when he says 'shrieken'. {Thanks Diane}

After the competition the building empties quickly. {Thanks Josh}

Aunt Janet Rebels (aka Aunt Janet's Rebellion)

When Hetty pours Maud tea, Hetty pours her hardly any tea!

Hetty tries to clasp her shawl together several times, but gives up.

A Dark and Stormy Night

At the beginning of this episode we see Amanda running to the lighthouse with both shoes one. Rutherford stops his horse and picks up one of her shoes!

Gus's head heals quickly.

How did Amanda know Gus's name?

Near the end of the movie (after Rutherford and Amanda climb out of the hole Gus dug) they run off into the night and leave the fire burning!?

Vows of Silence

Felix's magazine has a huge crease in it from being folded, but in the next scene there is no crease. (Thanks Pear)

High Society

The train scene is from Lantern Hill.

When they show a shot of the White Sands, you can see Pat Frewen walking to the hotel. {From It's Just A Stage}

Old Friends, Old Wounds

COMMENT When Marilla says 'I don't think you can change his mind..' is from the Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's.

COMMENT Rachel says Anne Shirley, but it should be Anne Blythe. {I do understand that and it is not a mistake}

COMMENT The scene where Marilla dies is taken from Lantern Hill. (The reason is because Colleen Dewhurst died before the taping of the episode was over.)

The Lady and the Blade

In the school when Hetty is teaching, they show a view from the front and there is no desk in front of Sally Potts. ( Thanks Zsolt)

Incident at Vernon River

If you look out the windows, you'll see green grass, even though there's supposed to be snow. (Thanks Joy84)


Before Felicity, Sara, and Gus run out of the lighthouse, Gus puts his book down, but when we see them outside, Gus is holding the book. (Thanks SoDearToMyHeart)

The Dinner

When the Pettibone's move into the yellow house, there is suddenly a gazebo attached to the house. (Thanks rtafan2812)

The dishes that Felicity takes off the table before putting new ones one, looked VERY clean. {Thanks Josh}

Heirs and Graces

You can see Pat Frewan walking to the hotel. {from It's Just a Stage}

When Felix and the other boy get into the fight he says that Felix is 12, he's 14. COMMENT He might just have said that because Felix is young to him.

Felicity's Perfect Beau

When did Arthur hang that blanket he and Felicity were folding? He turns aside for less than a second and turns back to Felicity.

Sara said that “Aunt Hetty's Mare” then calls the horse a he, then later again she says mare!

Jasper's Home Movie

Question Why do they have laundry on the line during winter?

The Disappearance

Once again they show Pat Frewan walking to the hotel. {It's Just A Stage}

Where in the world is Cecily? Jonathon escapes in Felicity's and Cecily's room. I think that the real disappearance is Cecily.

Fathers and Sons

The paper that Alec is reading is the same paper that Matthew reads in Anne of Green Gables.

Memento Mori

When Hetty is waiting at the train station, they show the view from outside for a few moments, and you can see Nanny and Sara sitting on the bench {Scene from The Journey Begins} (Zsolt)

Muriel Stacey really wouldn't have been allowed to have a motorcar on the island because of a law. (The first car appeared on the island in 1905, and raised such a ruckus that a law was passed in 1908 outlawing the operation of any motor vehicle. Automobiles were strictly illegal on PEI until 1913!) (Thanks Shelly)

Alec mentions that he didn't want to become like his parents when he was old, but according to this episode his mother wasn't that old when she died. (Thanks Pear)

Modern Times

When Hetty comes to show Felicity and Gus the cannery (when she first bought it) she takes a truffle, eats it, tells Felicity and Gus to come to the cannery and runs off. Gus puts the lid he is holding back on the truffle box and we see Felicity and Gus leave with nothing in there hands. However, when we see them at the cannery Hetty is holding the truffle box with the lid on it.

A Friend in Need

Cecily is at school the first day, gone the second, and there again the third day. What's up with that?

Davy says that his teacher laughed at him, but when Davy came to Avonlea, he was to young to go to school. (Thanks Liz)

The Great Race

When Alec is trying to tell Janet that Felix is going to race, he tips his tea cup and there is nothing in it.

Strictly Melodrama

COMMENT Pat Frewan is seen walking to the hotel. (It's Just a Stage)

COMMENT Rachel's whistle looks remarkably similar to Anne's whistle in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.

Thursday's Child

COMMENT Pat Frewen is seen walking to the hotel. (It's Just a Stage)

Enter Prince Charming

Felicity can't help wallpaper because of band practice, but Sara is in the band and doesn't nned to practice? (Thanks Pear)

The Minister's Wife

When Janet and Viola fall off the ice, when did Booth take off his ice skates? He never had time to!

Lonely Hearts

In Enter Prince Charming Sara says that Hetty thinks that it's improper for a lady to dance without wearing gloves, yet at the end of Lonely Hearts she dances with Simon Tremayne and isn't wearing gloves.

What A Tangled Web We Weave

The second time in the school, you can Felix's breath!

Once again you can see Pat walking to the hotel.

Wouldn't the cake be stale being left out for two days?

When the countess grabs the picture frame, she knocks another frame of the table onto the ground.

Ah, Sweet Mystery in Life

The horse pulling the sleigh at the beginning of the show is from “What A Tangled Web We Weave”.

Once again you can see Pat walking to the hotel.

The bouquet that Tremayne gives to Hetty looks a lot like the one given to Mr. Tumbridge.

Return to Me

When they show Felicity in the swing from a distance Gus is there, but when they zoom in he is not there.

The furniture in the hotel in South Carolina looks a lot like the furniture at the White Sands.

When Hetty says “Is this a public brawl”, is that the cannery in the background?

The Last Hurrah

Alec didn't repair the machine, yet it worked the next day. Later Alec repairs the machine.

COMMENT Some of the music nearly at the end of the movie is also in A of GG “The Continuing Story”.

So Dear To My Heart

COMMENT The music at the reception is also in A of GG 3

When Felicity “proposes” she say the first time she saw Gus was in the school house, but she really first saw him in How Kissing Was Discovered.

COMMENT The music in the foundling home is in A of GG 3 {Continuing Story}

Happy Christmas Miss King

I thought Felix joined the navy? Then why is he a foot soldier? ANSWER: Some think that due to cost of filming they changed him to the Army. Another possibility is that the Naval “tour of duty” lasted two years. Felix joined the Navy in 1912 and WW1 started in 1914. (Thanks Shelly)

A lot of the music is also in A of GG 3.

The lady at the orphanage calls Felicity, Miss King. It should be Mrs. Pike. {Thanks Matt}

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