Jasper Dale, played by R.H. Thomson, enters in the second episode and is in every season after that. Jasper is the stuttering bachelor, who wins his way into Olivia's heart. Jasper helps Sara put on a magic lantern show, and later becomes Olivia's photographer. Hetty never really likes Jasper, and that often causes a rift between Hetty and Olivia. Jasper slowly overcomes the worst of his stuttering, and then owns a cannery by the end of the show. Jasper is given a job in England, and he and Olivia move over there at the end of the series.

Montgomery Dale, played by Brandon and Bradley Sewell, is born at the beginning of the fourth season. Surprisingly, Jasper is the one who delivers the baby. Monty isn't in many episodes, but if an episode radiates around Jasper and Olivia, Monty will be in the episode.

Olivia King, played by Mag Ruffman enters the show in the first episode and is in every season after that. Olivia is the youngest child of the elder Kings and is always siding with the younger Kings. She's a kind and sweet person, and doesn't like to see someone's feelings hurt. At the beginning of the series, Olivia obeys Hetty's wishes, but once Olivia befriends Jasper Dale, she begins to escape from Hetty's clutch. Olivia receives a job at the Avonlea newspaper and takes on Jasper as a photographer. Jasper and Olivia fall in love and marry in the third season. Despite helping Jasper with the cannery and having a baby, Olivia still manages to have time for her job at the newspaper.


Davey Keith, played by Kyle Labine, enters the show in the second season and continues on until the last season (isn't in season four). Davey is a troublesome child and sometimes tries to stay out of trouble. Marilla Cuthbert takes Davey and his twin, Dora, in when their mother dies. When Marilla dies, Rachel takes care of them. Because of bad beginnings in school, Davey hates school, but with the help of Jasper, he learns to enjoy it.

Dora Keith, played by Ashley Muscroft in seasons two and three and played by Lindsay Murral in season five through seven, enters in the second season and continues until the last season (not in season four). Dora is a quiet child, and her twin brother Davey often gets her into trouble. Marilla Cuthbert takes Davey and his twin, Dora, in when their mother dies. When Marilla dies, Rachel takes care of them Like Cecily, Dora never really has a “starring” role.


Alec King, played by Cedric Smith, enters the season in the first show and continues till the end of the last season. Alec is the father of Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel. Alec is the brother who has to smooth things over with Hetty when she becomes out of hand. Because of doing this once, Hetty quits teaching school. Alec has a little bit of trouble accepting new-age ideas, and because of this it often causes problems in the family.

Andrew King, played by Joel Blake, appears in the first and second season. Andrew is Roger's only child. Andrew is very smart, and at first Felicity and Felix do not like him. Andrew and Sara are very good friends, and pull a few pranks on Felicity and Felix. In the second season Roger comes for a visit and accepts a job at Dal Housie. He then takes Andrew with him.

Cecily King, played by Harmony Cramp the first five seasons and played by Molly Atkinson in season six and seven, is the second youngest of the four King children. Because of her naturally sweet personality, Cecily rarely gets into trouble. She is a rather minor character, and doesn't have that many lines. Cecily contracts tuberculosis in the fifth season and is sent to Thornwell Sanitarium (name changes to Thornhill) in New York City. At the end of the sixth season her tuberculosis is dormant and she is able to return home.

Daniel King, played by Alex and Ryan Floyd and played by Ryan Cooley in Happy Christmas Miss King (aka An Avonlea Christmas), is born- with the help of Alec and Sara- in the last episode of the second season. Daniel never has a main role, but when the episode radiates around King Farm, he will be seen throughout the episode.

Felicity King, played by Gema Zamprogna, enters the show in the first episode, and is in every season. Felicity is a brat throughout the first season, but slowly becomes a nicer and kinder person. Felicity thinks too highly of herself, and of her good looks. She thinks that she is very grown up at 13 and ¾ until she makes a fool of herself. Felicity falls in love with Gus Pike early in the show, but also thinks that she is in love with Arthur Pettibone. After several proposals she finally accepts Gus's proposal and sticks with it. After believing that Gus is dead, Stuart McCrae helps her get over her mourning and she agrees to marry him. When she receives a mysterious phone call she travels to see a patient in South Carolina. In the last episode in the seventh season, she marries Gus Pike.

Felix King, played by Zachary Bennett, enters the show in the first episode, and is in every season. Felix enjoys eating, and hates work. In the first several seasons Felix thinks that love is disgusting, but in the fifth season Felix has a crush on a girl. Alec becomes upset with Felix not doing his chores, and tells Felix that he no longer has any chores. Felix then gets a job at the White Sands and learns many valuable lessons. In the sixth season Felix slowly realizes that Izzy is better than a best friend. Because of his stupidity, Felix nearly looses Izzy's heart. At the end of the seasons, Felix joins the navy.

Henrietta King, played by Jackie Burroughs, enters the show in the first episode and is in every season after that. Hetty is the eldest of the elder Kings and believes that everyone should listen to her. Many times Hetty's “ruling over people” gets her into trouble. She nearly ruins Olivia's wedding by taking over the plans. Hetty teaches school till the beginning of the third season, and resigns after she receives many complaints. She then takes to writing books under the name H.E. Roi, but during the sixth season she begins teaching school again. Hetty has three beaus throughout the show, and is engaged twice.

Janet King, played by Lally Cadeau enters the show in the first episode and continues on to the last season. In the first season, Janet- mother to Felicity, Felix, Cecily, and Daniel- is very protective of her children, but as the seasons progress, Janet lets her children make a few mistakes. Even though she's busy, Janet has time to help women get the vote, and has a job in a different episode. Lally Cadeau is an excellent actress and does a superb job of portraying Janet.


Becky Lester, played by Kristin Fairlie, appears in the sixth season and continues into the seventh season. Becky is the second youngest child of the large Lester family. Because her family is poor, Becky is looked down upon by a few of the mean girls in Avonlea. Becky has a crush on Davey and bids on him at the bachelor auction. She also loves her brothers and helps them out when they get into trouble.

Lionel Lester, played by Richard McMillan, appears in the fourth season and continues until the end of the show. Lionel works at the cannery and scraps money together to keep food on the table.

Molly Lester, played by Mari Trainor, appears in the last two seasons. Molly works at the White Sands and the general store. Molly dislikes it when people try to bully her kids just because they are poor.

Nat Lester, played by Kevin Jubinvillie, is in the sixth season. Nat works at the general store and enjoys giving Felicity a hard time. Nat loves money and dreams of becoming very rich. Unfortunately, his schemes make him lose money.

Wiley Lester, played by Robert Bednarski, is in the sixth (possibly seventh) season. We hardly see Wiley, so it's hard to say anything about him, other than he hangs around Davey. :)


Aunt Abigail Ward McEwan, played by Rosemary Dunsmore, appeared in the first season, third season, and seventh season. Abigail is Janet's younger sister. Abigail is very particular about her house and because of this, she refuses to marry Malcolm McEwan, but Felicity and Sara change Abigail's mind. Malcolm and Abigail adopt a boy, and Abigail is just as particular about raising him as she is about her house. Because of her bossy and superior way, Felix nicknames her Aunt Crabigail. In the seventh season, Abigail softens some, and she and Janet finally begin to get along with each other.

"Lucky" Robert McEwan, played by Brendan Leufkens, is adopted by Abigail and Malcomb in the first season. In the third season Lucky makes an appearance and is a spoiled brat. Sara and Felicity have their hands full watching him and Daniel. In season seven Lucky makes two more appearances. In this season he is not the spoiled brat that he was earlier. He loves hockey and enjoys using Cecily's biscuits as hockey pucks.

Malcolm McEwan, played by Malcolm Stoddard, appears in the first and seventh season (different actor in seventh season). In the first season Malcolm returns from the Yukon to marry Abigail. Because he is rich, Malcolm enjoys flaunting his money- which drives Alec crazy. Malcolm is loud and boisterous, and because of this Abigail nearly doesn't marry him.


Clive Pettibone, played by David Fox, is the father of Arthur, Morgan, and Izzy. Clive enters the show in the fourth season and is the new schoolteacher. After some struggle, Clive and his family are accepteded in Avonlea. Clive is first attracted to Hetty King, but when Muriel Stacey stays in Avonlea for good, they marry in the sixth season. Clive was in the military and runs his house in a military fashion which causes Arthur to dislike Clive and moves away from Clive.

Muriel Stacey Pettibone, played by Marilyn Lighstone, first appears in 'Aunt Hetty's Ordeal' and continues to make guest appearances throughout the show. Muriel, who is in the Anne of Green Gables movies, is the superintendent of PEI and visits the school in two episodes. Muriel eventually settles down {Memento Mori} in Avonlea for good. She buys the general store, and eventually marries Clive Pettibone.

Arthur Pettibone, played by Zachary Ansley, first appears in the fourth season. Arthur is going to school to become a vetinarian and is often in the King barn healing animals. Arthur has a crush on Felicity, and does not intend to give her to Gus without a fight. After Gus proposes to Felicity Arthur gives up. Arthur doesn't get along with his father, and because of this Arthur only visits a few times. By the sixth season, Arthur seems to accept the way his father does things.

Morgan Pettibone, played by Mark Bigney, appears in the fourth season. In between seasons he is sent to military school and isn't seen again until the seventh season where he has mysteriously changed (different actor). Morgan dislikes military school and wants to quit and become an artist, but Clive is annoyed by the idea.

Isolde Pettibone, played by Heather Brown, enters the show in the fourth season, and continues on till the end of the show. Izzy is a tomboy and Felix takes a liking to her. Izzy loves the way her father runs the household, and wants to go to military school. When her father, Clive, and Muriel Stacey decide to get married, Izzy decides that she doesn't want a new mother, but slowly adjusts to the idea. During the fifth season Izzy slowly changes from a tom boy to a young lady. Throughout the sixth and seventh season Izzy and Felix "hang out" together, and had the series continued, we probably would have seen their wedding.


Eliza Pike, played by Janet-Laine Greene, is in the season six episode The Return of Gus Pike. Gus finds his mother while at port and thinks that she is her mother. He and his mother leave for Jamaica to ask Captain Ezekiel Crane if Eliza really is his mother. We never really learn if Eliza is Gus's mother, but I am assuming that she was his mother. :)

Gus Pike, played by Michael Mahonen, first enters the series in the second season. After season two Gus was in every season after that. Gus first came on the show as an orphan boy, who didn't really know too much of anything. In “Aunt Hetty's Ordeal” Aunt Hetty talks to several unschooled boys, and Gus decides to enter school. Throughout the seasons Gus and Felicity become attracted to each other. After proposing four different times, Felicity finally accepts Gus's proposal. Gus is in a shipwreck and everyone believes he is dead. After Felicity receives a mysterious phone call, she travels to South Carolina with Hetty to see if the patient is Gus. In the last episode of season seven Gus and Felicity finally marry.


Bert Potts, played by Roger Dunn, appears in season season three and continues until season seven. Bert enjoys a good laugh, and often lets his wife control things. Sometimes Bert will become very annoyed when his wife tries to control things and will take things into his own hands.

Clara Potts, played by Maja Ardal, entered the show in the first season and continued on until the reunion. Clara is a gossip and has a rather interesting laugh. She is the mother of Sally and the wife of Bert. Clara doesn't meddle into other people's affairs quite as much as Eulalie, but Clara is still sometimes a mean gossip.

Sally Potts, played by Tara Meyer, appears in the first season and continues until the fourth season. She also makes a guest appearance in season six and her voice is heard in season seven. Sally, the daughter of Clara Potts, is very mean spirited and enjoys playing pranks on people. In the third and fourth season, Sally isn't nearly as mean spirited and actually is enjoyable. In the sixth season, Sally runs the telephone office in Avonlea.


Clemmie Ray, played by Gillian Steeve, appears in the first season and continues until the third season. Clemmie is a quiet and unpopular child and her mother makes her life miserable. Felicity tries to help Clemmie become more popular, but Felicity's plan backfires.

Edward Ray, played by Marc Wordon, is in the first three seasons. His role is very minor, but in every episode he annoys either Felicity or Felix. In the first season he has a crush on Felicity, but the crush is short lived.

Mrs. Ray, played by Barbara Gordon, was in the first season. Mrs. Ray is very controlling of her children and thinks that books are the pathway to the devil.


Blair Stanley, played by Robert Collins, is in three episodes. Because Hetty dislikes Blair, Blair tries his best to stay out of Hetty's way. When Sara is seriously injured Hetty and Blair make amends. At the beginning of season one Blair is accused of embezzlement. Throughout season one we hear bits and pieces about what happened. In the last episode of season one we learn that he is acquited. Tragically, Blair dies a few months after he was acquited.

Sara Stanley, played by Sarah Polley, comes to P.E.I. when her father is accused of embezzlement. Sara is sent to Avonlea to live with relatives on her deceased mothers side. Her cousins Felicity and Felix think that Sara is a brat and don't take time to make friends. After many tricks are done all three kids become friends. Sara tries to help people, and sometimes her meddling causes more trouble for the person. In season six, Sara decides to go to school in France.

Various People

Louisa J. Banks, played by Frances Hyland, is on the first, second, and sixth season. Louisa is Sara's sometimes overbearing and annoying Nanny. Lousia and Hetty do not get a long and this often brings Sara to tears. In the sixth season Hetty and Louisa both have different ideas of what Sara should do with her live.

Dr. Blair, played by Michael Polley, is in a few episodes in the first two seasons. Dr. Blair is the typical country doctor who visits the ill people of Avonlea.

Peg Bowen, played by Susan Cox, appears in the first season and continues until the third season. Peg is believed to be a witch, but she really knows many remedies for illnesses. Peg lives in the edge of the forest. Because of her odd life, most of the Avonlea townspeople look down their noses at Peg, but the King children often get help from her.

Eulalie Bugle, played by Barbara Hamilton, appears in the third season and continues on until the last season. Eulalie is a gossip, and often gets people into trouble from listening in and telling another person a different version from what she heard. She's often seen telling tales with Mrs. Potts, Rachel Lynde, and Elvira Lawson.

Peter Craig, played by Miklos Perlus, appeared in the first season and continued until the third season. Peter is the hired boy at King Farm. He doesn't know how to read or write very well, but after some persuasion, Olivia convinces Hetty to let Peter go to school. After Peter gets into some trouble, Hetty decides to let Peter go, but when he becomes gravely ill and his mother comes, Hetty realizes how important Peter's job is and lets him stay.

Mr. Wellington Campbell, played by John Gilbert, makes appearances in the first, third, and sixth season. Mr. Wellington returns to Avonlea as a rich man and does not like parting with his money. He has a lawsuite against Hetty in the third season, but drops charges so Hetty can get out of a different lawsuite. For a short period of time, he and Hetty are "engaged.".

Marilla Cuthbert, played by Colleen Dewhurst, enters the series in the first season and dies in the episode titled “Old Friends, Old Wounds”. Marilla lives in Green Gables with Rachel Lynde. In the second season Marilla takes in the two Keith children. Because the children's uncle never arrives, Marilla takes care of them until she dies. Marilla dies, leaving no will, and Gilbert arrives later to buy the house.

Archie Gillis, played by John Freisen, enters the series in the last episode of the second season and continues until the end of the seventh season. Archie runs the sawmill and coaches the Avonlea Avengers. Archie is a gossip and enjoys making fun of people. In the last season Archie and Eulalie Bugle try to get Avonlea to join with Carmody, but the Kings are able to stop them. Because of this, Archie has to close down his sawmill.

Abener Jeffries, played by James O'Regan, appears in various episodes throughout the first three seasons. Abner is the bumbling constable who needs someone to push him to do his job. Despite his horrible skills, he does help with one arrest- though several theives have slipped through his fingers.

Edward Lawson, played by Les Carlson, is in the first three seasons. Edward runs Lawsons General Store with his wife. Edward enjoys helping people out, but occassionally, this causes problems. He also enjoys betting on horses and if his wife finds out, she makes him donate the money to the church.

Elvira Lawson, played by Elva Mai Hoover, is in the first five seasons. Mrs. Lawson helps her husband run Lawson's General Store. She loves gossip and tries very hard to please everyone.

Reverand Leonard, played by Peter Donaldson, is in the first two seasons. Reverend Leonard comes off as a absent-minded minister. In the second season he tries to raise money for a new roof for the church. In the last episode of the second season, he bets on the Misfits to get the money for the roof. This is the last episode he is seen in, and it makes one wonder! ;)

Rachel Lynde, played by Patricia Hamilton, appears on the show in the first season and is in every season. Rachel and Hetty have a thirty year war, and not until they finally talk things out civilly, do they make up. After Marilla dies, Rachel has custody Davey and Dora Keith and finds them to be a handful. When Rachel suffers from strokes, Hetty takes her in to live with her in Rose Cottage. Rachel loses her ability to talk, but with the help of Pierre La Pierre, Rachel re-learns how to talk. Rachel's perspective of life changes and she does some uncharacteristic things for her in the seventh season.

Stuart McRae, played by David Ferry, appears in the seventh season. Stuart is Avonlea's banker and falls in love with Felicity. He helps Felicity overcome her grief of Gus's death, and eventually Felicity decides to marry him. When Felicity learns that Gus is alive, she breaks her engagement with Stuart- and breaks his heart. Because Stuart does not want to cause trouble, he leaves Avonlea.

Romney Penhallow, played by Peter Coyote, is in the second season. Romney is Hetty's often mentioned beau. When Romney comes to Avonlea, he and Hetty quarrel, and then make up.

Pierre LaPierre, played by Albert Millaire, appears in the third season and continues until the last season. Pierre is the French cook at the White Sands and becomes flustered when people won't eat his food because of the "high faluting" names. Pierre also has run-ins with the hotel owner, Simon Tremayne. Simon and Pierre often disagree about the way food should be done, and once their argument ends with a fist fight! Pierre enjoys the company of Rachel Lynde and helps her when she has her heart attack.

Dr. Snow, played by Graham McPherson, appears in season five and continues until the last season. Dr. Snow saves Hetty's life by performing appendix surgery. When Dr. Snow learns that Felicity will have to sit out a term for medical school he kindly offers her a job at his office.

Simon Tremayne, played by Ian Clark, appears in the fourth season and continues until the last season. Simon is the owner of the White Sands. Simon loves the hotel and is always trying to improve it- though he always has very little money available to spend on the hotel. In the seventh season, he and Hetty realize that they have feelings for each other. Due to various happenings they realize that they would not be happy if they got married.

Eliza Ward, played by Kay Tremblay, enters the series in the second season and continues on until Happy Christmas, Miss King (aka An Avonlea Christmas). In season two, Eliza gives her advice freely, but the advice isn't taken very well. By the fifth season, her advice is kinder and the Kings listen to her advice. In the seventh season Eliza learns why she lost her beau and accompanies her cousin to England.

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