A little comment before we get started... These releases are not a true hi-def. Because these are being released as dvds they are not true hi-def. Hi-def (blu-ray) supports 1080 lines where as a dvd supports 480 lines. Regardless of this fact, the quality of the episodes is far superior to the previous dvd release.
Season one of Avonlea is consistently grainy with a soft focus. The graininess can be delt with, but soft focus will always be soft focus. The image itself can be sharpened but only slightly sharpened. If one sharpens the image too much it will look pixelated and which sometimes causes a grainy effect.
So essentially, the episodes have been digitally restored with the intent of mimicking hi-def.

As I have time I will cap more episodes and will add to the comparisons. If you have an episode that you'd really like to see compared contact me and I will do that episode next.

Season One
I chose Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's as my first episode to cap as when I think of poor quality I instantly think of this episode. Quarantine is an enjoyable episode, but I always cringed when I thought about watching it and never really realized until I thought about it that the reason I cringed was because the quality was quite terrible.
I only chose a few images for comparison. I was able to capture a few shots that were very similar to my old cap which makes comparison much easier. If you would like to see more images from each dvd release go to this page (Note: the HD caps have not yet been added to the page but will soon be added).
Having widescreen is nice if one has a widescreen tv. While widescreen adds new material on the sides it unfortunately cuts material on the top and bottom. The best way to see how much is cut is by comparing two similar image. The images below may seem small for comparing image quality but simply click on the desired image to see the image larger.

Proof of the Pudding
I never really thought that Proof was all that bad when it came to graininess. I was surprised with the difference!
Another interesting difference is the color change throughout the episode. When remastering this episode they seemed to really warm the frames, and sometimes they seemed to warm them a tad too much. Still though, the qualitiy of the widescreen is much better.

Season Two
When thinking about season two in my mind I never really think that it's all that bad. Upon comparison there is an improvement! Again my only complaint with the digital restoration that was done is that sometimes the color changing that they did doesn't seem to be quite as authentic or realistic.

How Kissing Was Discovered

Season Three
Overall, there isn't a significantly noticeable improvement with the widescreen release. My favorite improvement of the widescreen release is that the dark scenes are no long so dark that it makes one squint, trying trying to figure out what is going on in the scene. Because so many episodes in season three are darker, this improvment is marvelous.
Overall, I don't think the image is much sharper, but it is a smoother and clearer picture.

The Ties that Bind

Season Four
Like season three, I'm not seeing a huge improvement. Again the overall picture is clearer and smooth, which is very nice. A lot of times I think that the original coloring looks quite a bit more natural than it does on the widescreen release. Also once again, the dark scenes are so much brighter and vivid!
The Lady and the Blade

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