This is a list of cuts made by Mark that Disney's Tales from Avonlea season one release took out from the episodes.

A few of these mutilated episodes were released by Disney- under the title Tales from Avonlea: Beginnings- and were not edited. The episodes were The Journey Begins, Proof of the Pudding, Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's, The Materializing of Duncan (aka Secrets and True Love), The Witch of Avonlea, Nothing Endures But Change, How Kissing Was Discovered and Aunt Hetty's Ordeal.

I would like to thank Mark for letting me use his information and lists of cuts.

The Journey Begins:

1. There's a short bit with Nanny Louisa preparing Blair's dinner. The scene begins with Nanny Louisa entering Blair's study with the dinner tray.

2. Sara and her father in the bedroom, as well as Sara leaving Montreal are completely gone. The story goes from Blair's study directly to PEI.

3. The buggy ride with Alec from the train station to King Farm is gone. Story continues as buggy arrives at King farm.

4. After the argument between Aunt Hetty and Nanny Louisa, the entire scene with Nanny Louisa and Sara in the bedroom, where they discuss Blair's situation is gone. Story continues with Abner Jeffries and Hetty arriving at Rose Cottage on the buggy as Sara and Louisa are leaving for the train station.

5. As Nanny Louisa is forced to leave, Sara runs after the buggy. The part where she climbs up on the fence has been cut. The following scene where Sara is crying in her bedroom is cut as well, this is the part just before Olivia knocks on the door, asking Sara to come down and have something to eat.

6. Sara and Peter at the fishing pond is cut, as well as the entire scene at King Farm where Hetty comes over to talk to Alec.

7. The arrival at school is cut short, the part where Sara is walking towards the school, past the other school kids is missing. Scene starts with the boys running towards the school.

8. When Peter, Sara and Andrew go and meet Peg Bowen, the part where Andrew says that he's scared, and Sara tells him not to be a scaredy-cat is missing.

9. The magic seeds scene is shortened as it begins with Felicity asking Andrew about the seeds.

10. After the children are caught in the graveyard, the scene at King Farm where the adults discuss the punishment begins in the middle with Abner talking about the Reverend being woken up in the middle of the night. Lines by Janet and Hetty are missing.

11. The Hayloft scene is missing completely, story cotinues with Olivia arriving at Rose Cottage with letters from Blair.

12. After Olivia delivers the letter to Sara, the entire scene with Olivia and Sara walking back to Rose Cottage is missing.

13. After Sara tells Olivia and Hetty that's she's staying, the part where Hetty is "fussing" after Sara as she enters the house is missing. This part takes place just before the ending credits begin, and is difficult to spot. I almost missed this one myself.

Runtime on the Disney version: 44:02 Runtime on the Sullivan version: 56:06

Proof of the Pudding

1. Alec and Janet riding out, where Janet says "This is such a wonderful idea," and the following part where Felix says he's going fishing and Andrew says he going to read his book. Story continues with Sara running over to the King house to pick up the mail.

2. Mr Simpkin (the lawyer) surveying the Rushton property, prior to Aunt Hetty and Peter running up to talk to him. Scene begins with Hetty and Peter running towards the pond.

3. Felix playing with his fishing pole in the house as Andrew is reading his book. Here the scene begins with Felicity talking about the changes and additions to the regular chores.

4. Felicity, Sara and Cecily in the bedroom, with Sara trying to clean her shoes and Felicity taking the curtains off to be cleaned. So of course there's now no explanation as to why Felicity has the curtains in her hands when she meets up with Felix cleaning the windows in the next scene.

5. Clemmie Ray meeting up with Andrew, Sara and Cecily in the woods and asking about picking up some eggs. In the Disney version, the scene starts just before Felicity runs into the scene. Obviously with this cut, there's no explanation as to why Clemmie Ray is there with the other children.

6. Felicity and Cecily in the kitchen, as Felicity grabs the tin full of sawdust and prepares to make the pudding.

7. After Mrs. Leslie leaves, the scene is cut short and Peter's line "Let me know if you need the doctor or the constable" is missing.

The overall runtime of the Disney version is 44:00, the Sullivan version 46:46. The Disney runtime also includes the opening credits, something which is missing from the Sullivan version.

Aunt Abigail's Beau:

1. The buggy ride with Alec, Sara and Felicity to Abigail's house is gone.

2. After being ushered out of Abigail's house by Malcolm, the scene with Sara and Felicity running through the fields back to King Farm is cut.

3. Set-up shot: exterior of the general store is cut.

4. After the party at Abigail's, and just before Malcolm proposes to Abigail: Malcolm is helping the Kings back into their buggy, Abigail walks back into the main room. Malcolm comes back into the house and walks to the main room as well. The only bit missing is Abilgail and Malcolm walking back to the main room. Unless you're watching both versions together back to back, you probably would never even miss this (and I almost missed it myself).

5. The church service has been cut. Story begins with the congregation leaving church and Mrs. Potts remarking on Malcolm's singing.

6. Right after the auction scene, Abigail using a brush to clean the floor has been cut. Scene is actually mostly intact, just the part where she's using the brush is missing.

7. After the Janet and Alec fight, there's panoramic sweep of King Farm that's missing just prior to Alec waking up in the barn.

8. After informing Abigail that Malcolm's leaving, the scene where Sara and Felicity run back to King farm to hitch the wagon and Janet looking for Alec is missing. The Disney cut goes directly from Abigail's house to Janet finding Alec resting on the bed.

The runtime on the Sullivan version is 45:44, runtime on the Disney version is 44:00 flat (this includes opening credits as well).

Malcolm and the Baby

1. The scene with Abigail examining a silver platter, picking up Malcolm's shoes and Malcolm riding up to the house is missing. This scene begins with Abigail stoking the fire.

2. Mr. Simpkins riding up to the general store is shortened. It's not completely missing, but shorter by a few seconds.

3. The part where Hetty and Rachel get into it is shortened. Rachel slapping Hetty is gone, but Hetty breaking the egg on Rachel's forehead is still there.

4. A set up shot of the King families' barn is missing. Scene start with Sara and Felicity discussing what to do with the baby.

5. Mr. Simpkins, at the general store, telling Rachel Lynde that he would verify her claim to the baby. The following scene, with Miss Perdie running down the street to tell Mr. Simpkins about the baby having gone missing is also cut.

6. The whole scene with Malcolm telling Abilgail that he's going out for a walk, and Sara and Felicity leaving the baby on the porch is gone.

7. After Malcolm "pans for gold" with the baby, a set-up shot of Malcolm's and Abigail's house, showing that's its morning is cut.

8. The scene with Hetty and Olivia discussing the missing baby is shortened. The scene begins with Sara entering the room to confess how she and Felicity took the baby and handed it over to Malcolm and Abigail.

9. The scene with Mr. Simpkins and Mr. Jeffries in the buggy riding to Malcolm and Abigail's house is gone.

10. The scene with Mrs. Potts and the Lawsons discussing the missing baby - including the bit about looking down the SSloan's well is cut.

11. A short shot of Mr. Simpkins and Mr. Jeffries riding up to the general store to give the baby to Rachel is gone.

Unlike the previous episode, Aunt Abigail's Beau, a couple of the cuts here do somewhat affect the story. In particular, the one where Rachel Lynde slaps Hetty. Watching the Disney episode, one has to wonder why Hetty would go so far as to break an egg on Rachel Lynde's forehead. I also think the scene with Sara and Felicity dropping the baby on Malcolm and Abigail's porch is a rather unfortunate cut.

The runtime on the Disney episode is 43:53 (including opening credits) while the Sullivan runtime is 46:33 (no opening credits).

Again, I would like to thank Mark for letting me use his information.

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