These are the covers of the Road to Avonlea DVD boxes. The covers have been slightly altered, but the boxes are still the same size. Note: The size of season seven is smaller than the other seasons. The height and length is the same, but the width of the spine is the width of a vhs. Now all of the seasons have been repackaged to the slimer, nicer case.
The first image would be the regular release and the image below that would be a photo of the first disc. The third photos would be of the widescreen release and the photo below those two would be the widescreen dvds (which are single sided! YAY!)
Click on the desired image for a larger size.
If you have a cover that I don't have and would like to contribute, please scan the image, resize the width to 640, upload it, and e-mail me the link. :)

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

This cover (season four) is the older style.

Season Five

Season Six

Season Six Promotional Cover

Season Seven

This is an English cover of The Journey Begins.

Disney's Covers
Disney released only season three. The set is held in a box and each disc is in its own slimcase.

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