Season One

The Journey Begins

This was actually the first Road to Avonlea episode I watched. I think that it is a great introduction to the series. The kids are on the bratty side in this episode. I think that both Felicity and Sara needed some discipline. :b I'll have to admit, I was a little bit happy that Hetty told Nanny Louisa that she couldn't stay. I found Nanny Louisa to be a bit annoying. All she had heard about the Kings was from Blair, and I don't think that she ever gave any of them a chance. I did feel sorry for Sara when Nanny Louisa was sent away. What a horrible feeling it must be to be left with strangers. I didn't always like Hetty in this episode. I liked her when she told Nanny to leave, but I thought that she was trying to change Sara much to quickly. Olivia did a fantastic job in this episode. I wouldn't mind having her for an aunt. ~grins~ I thought that Felicity was a little bit annoying, but she did such a wonderful job that I have a hard time disliking her in this episode. Felix does a splendid job. Without Felicity I think that he might have been somewhat nicer to Sara and Andrew. Cecily is a wonderful little sister and isn't very much like Felicity or Felix. Cecily likes just about everyone and doesn't like it when a person is mean to another person. I loved Alec and Janet almost as soon as I saw them. They both do a wonderful job- especially Janet. I always chuckle when the kids go to Peg for some advice. It's such a typical way kids that way would act when they think someone is a witch. Peter Craig is another character I instantly liked. He tried so hard to help Sara and Andrew feel welcome. The magic seed scene is extremely funny. I love Felix's expression when he hears Felicity make a wish. ~laughs~ At the end of the episode, it's neat to see how attached Hetty has become to Sara- such a change from her opinion of Sara when she first met her.

The Story Girl Earns Her Name

Felicity wasn't too bad in this episode. Her unwillingness to disgrace herself is rather interesting. At the beginning of this episode, I felt a little bit sorry for Sara. She tries to fit in, but instead, helps a swindler escape. I thought that Jasper's willingness to help to help Sara was very kind. It must be frustrating to be known as “The Awkward Man.” I enjoy it when he apologizes to Sara when she learns that he took his picture- I think that that's so sweet. Sally was pretty annoying in this episode- but then, in which episode isn't she annoying? When the kids get Sally to confess, I always wish that I can pull Jasper there to hear her. I like how they have Olivia interested in Jasper. While it's a curiosity interest, it was an excellent introduction to their possibility of eventually coming together.

The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's

Rachel is hilarious in this episode. Her bossy personality that is seen in Anne of Green Gables is in Road to Avonlea. At first I thought that Rachel was annoying in this episode, but now I think she's humorous. Felicity isn't too bad in this episode. She still frowns at Sara, but she doesn't make any cutting remarks. Cecily is sweet as usual. Felix does a wonderful job in this episode. He never really blamed Sara that they were under quarantine. Yes, in a way it was Felix's fault that they were caught, but in reality it was really Sara's fault for accepting such a silly dare. Alexander is the perfect grouch. With Sara's help he realizes that he really doesn't detest women. He realizes that he has never given women a chance. I didn't really like how Janet acted in this episode. It was typical for a mother, but I think that Janet went too far.

The Materializing of Duncan McTavish

Marilla's tale is rather out of character for her. I'm glad that she did eventually tell Rachel the truth. I thought that Sara's wanting Marilla to have a "love life" was a little annoying. Mrs. Potts always makes me smile in this episode. This isn't one of my favorite episodes because it doesn't really revolve around many main characters. I like how Marilla's story is the talk of the town. That's very typical of a small town. Hearing people's opinions about the story is interesting. Janet's "Everyone needs a little bit of romance in their lives." is sweet. That line seems more "Janet-ish" than what Janet's lines in The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's.

Song in the Night (aka Old Lady Lloyd)

This is another episode where I wouldn't mind having Olivia for an aunt. She's such a wonderful friend for Sylvia. She does a nice job of boosting Sylvia's spirits. This is the first episode that I really like Sara. For once, Sara's meddlesome ways worked for the best. I also like Peg in this episode. Even though she seemed a little harsh , she really was good for Mrs. Lloyd. I thought that Mrs. Lloyd's “horror” stories were rather interesting. I have wondered why Felix was hanging around Rose Cottage for so long. It was mentioned that the kids were staying over night at Rose Cottage, but not staying for several days! I love Felix's “PEEP!”. ~laughs~ That's something I would do. ~winks~ I was kinda surprised that Sara held a grudge that long with Felix. That didn't seem very typical for Sara.

Proof of the Pudding

This is such a great example of what kids do when no grown-ups are around. The conflict between Felicity and Felix is typical of what sisters and brothers are like. When Felicity gets put in charge, her head seems to inflate very quickly. Felicity's expression when she sees Felix doing his chores is priceless. I'll have to say, Sara's putting pie in Felicity's face and her cutting Felicity's hair seemed to bring Felicity down a few pegs. The poison berry plot is hilarious. “What do you mean, come out?” Then Aunt Eliza- I mean- Agnes Leslie Rushton visits. The earlier scenes are funny, but this one tops them. “May I take your purse?” This episode is what got me hooked on Road to Avonlea. I thought that Peter was pretty good in this episode. It's too bad he wasn't around a little bit more in this episode. Sweet, Cecily. “I'm sorry for whatever I did- Did I do anything wrong, Sara?” I think that Felicity's cleaning Sara's evening slippers was a step in the right direction for Felicity.

Aunt Abigail's Beau

The introduction to Aunt Crabigail. Yikes! I'm glad that she wasn't around too much. I find it interesting that there are vast differences between Abigail and Janet and that there are vast differences between Hetty and Olivia. I like Malcolm- except that in some scenes his mustache looked fake. His boisterous singing and Abigail's embarrassment makes me laugh. I liked how Felicity and Sara got along. Their stay together (Proof of the Pudding) did more than bring her down a few pegs. I find it kind of odd that Abigail turned Malcolm down. Had her father not interfered when Malcolm courted her earlier, they would've gotten married... I guess she wasn't sure if she wanted to change her ways. I'm glad that Felicity and Sara convinced her to go after Malcolm. I like the part with Alec and Janet and that they decide to sleep under the stars again.

Malcolm and the Baby

I liked Abigail better in this episode. She didn't seem quite as irritable as she was in the previous episode. Hetty and Rachel's fight in the General Store is funny. It's too bad that Disney cut this scene out. It was neat how the beginning of this episode started with their fight and the end of the episode they settled their thirty year “war”. It was nice to see Sara and Felicity getting along again- even scheming together. I find it a little odd that Abigail didn't force Malcolm to go to Abner Jeffries as soon as they discovered the baby on the front step. I think that the baby softened Abigail a bit.


I'm glad that Peter was able to be in the spot light for an episode. Too bad the next episode wasn't Cecily centered. :b Felicity was pretty mean in this episode. I think that Edward's crush on Felicity was a little odd for the time period. The Felicity and Edward were so mean to Peter. I liked it when Peter told Hetty the list of kings and queens of England. I love his smirk. I wonder if this episode was written before Aunt Abigail's Beau and Malcolm and the Baby, because all the characters seemed to be more like they were in the earlier episodes than they were in Aunt Abigail's Beau and Malcolm and the Baby. I liked how Sara stuck up for Peter and helped him realize that going to a Presbyterian church didn't mean that he'd have to be a Presbyterian. I found the way the missionary pronounced certain words a little weird. The missionary seemed to be a little weird... I like how when Hetty hears Peter talking to his mother that Hetty's heart seems to soften some towards Peter.

Felicity's Challenge

I was glad to see Felicity get beaten. I did feel sorry for Clemmie, but I think that it was good for Felicity's character to be beaten. I sometimes wonder if anyone liked Sally Potts and Jane Spry in the first season. I think that they're more tolerable in later seasons, but maybe that's because they're in fewer episodes. ~grins~ I've never quite understood why Sara would go to the party as a gypsy. I'm surprised that Hetty would've allowed her. I like it when Felix and Edward spy on the girls. Felix is quite the spy. I found Judson Parker's henchman rather annoying. He didn't seem to be a very valuable henchman. I'm glad that Clemmie forgave Felicity and realized that Felicity was trying to help her.

The Hope Chest of Arabella King

I like how Hetty and Janet are arguing about who gets to open the chest, and as soon as Hetty begins to open it they stop arguing! It's neat how even the boys were interested to see what was in the chest. I always giggle when Sara and Olivia are trying to figure out the poems and Hetty accidentally tells them the answer. It's nice to see “helpless and utter confusion” on Hetty's face. I kinda like Mr. Tyler. He's kinda crabby, but I think that he does a wonderful job. He isn't quite as bad as he seems to be because he does give Sara and Olivia gifts. I think that Hetty is a little mean to Olivia. I think that the introduction to Olivia's working for the paper is very well done. I also like how this episode brings her and Jasper together again. Sara seems to have a special touch with these two. ~grins~

The Witch of Avonlea

This episode has always been of my favorites in season one. I used to be a bad speller, and I know what it feels like. I never had to wear a dunce cap though. Susan Cox (Peg Bowen) does a wonderful job. I like Janet's protectiveness of her children better in this episode than I liked it in The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's. I like her tiff with Hetty and how Alec smooths things over a little bit. I love it when Felix wakes up in Peg's cottage. I like it when he finishes looking around that Peg giggles. I also like it when he creeps over to the pot to see what's in it. I also like Hetty's expression when Felix tells her that he's looking forward to the spelling bee! ~laughs~ I think that it was good for Felicity's character lose the spelling bee to her brother. At the end I like how Janet and Felix both realize that Peg really doesn't have magical powers. I'm glad that Peg told Felix that there really wasn't such a thing as a magic crystal.

Nothing Endures But Change

It's kinda fun to see Hetty fighting with Blair. ~smiles~ It's neat how much Felicity has come to care about Sara. I think that it's a little odd that the barn wasn't checked sooner than it was. I also like how the romance between Olivia and Jasper slowly becomes larger. “Perhaps it's time you changed.” It's nice how Hetty and Blair forgive each other. I think that Sarah Polley (Sara) did a great job in this episode. I like it how when Blair woke her up, she looked at them, and half smiled when she saw that her father and Hetty were sitting side by side. This was a pretty good episode to end the first season.

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