Sara's Homecoming

This is an interesting episode. It's amazing what all fire works can set off. I thought that it was a little weird that Mr. Lawson asked Sara to watch the store. Why not just close up for the few minutes or just not worry about it? How awful of Felix for not saying anything! Was Cecily there when Sara said goodbye? I love the part when Nanny Louisa mentions the chicken coup. ~laughs~ It was kind of Peter to try to help Sara feel better... perhaps he knew what it was like, considering that his father was in jail- possibly dead. Sara's getting captured seemed a little far fetched. I'll have to admit, I was glad when Felix gave himself away. I also love the part when Hetty locks herself in the outhouse and Nanny Louisa finds her. ~laughs~ What a wonderful to teach Hetty a lesson. ~grins~

How Kissing Was Discovered

Ah, just about everyone's favorite episode. However, it's not my favorite episode. ~grins~ This is a lovely episode and it introduces Gus very well. Every season has it's great episode and this is season two's great episode. Felicity's thinking she was grown up got on my nerves. I love the part when Felix reads her diary! ~laughs~ I've always wondered why Sara helped Felicity scheme a way to get to talk to David. I do love the music in this episode. It's so pretty! Good ol' Aunt Eliza. I'm glad she stuck around for the rest of the seasons. She was a little exasperating at times, but she was still a wonderful addition. I've always wondered what happed to Gus's violin after he chucked out of the barn loft. ;) When we saw him walking down the road I was afraid that we wouldn't see him again, but in there he was in the next episode!

Aunt Hetty's Ordeal

It's always fun watching Hetty when she's a little frightened of something. Gus is pretty good in this episode. I think I just heard someone say, “When isn't he good?” ~laughs~ You've got a point there. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why Hetty was so adamant against his violin. I realize that she thought it got in the way of his learning, but did it really? I'm so glad that Marilyn Lightstone was once again casted as Miss Stacey. She does such a wonderful job. I think that she's one of the best- if not the best- recurring guest stars. Olivia's article comparing Muriel and Hetty was rather interesting. I wish we could've heard the whole article. :) I was a little surprised that Mr. McCorkadale didn't fire Gus as soon as there started being trouble at the cannery. This is a wonderful Hetty episode that shows many different sides of her.

Of Corsets and Secrets and True, True Love

Enter Davey and Dora Keith. It's too bad that Davey and Dora weren't in more episodes earlier on. Perhaps that would've made both of them more liked characters. Rachel is hilarious in this episode. “I'm going to sue you for habeas corpus!” It was interesting learning that Marilla had helped her choose whom to marry... even more interesting that Marilla knew about what's-his-face and all his marriages. Just how he'd gotten away with it for so long is beyond me. ~grins~ Davey and Dora are so cute in this episode. “Poof! Poof! Poof!” ~laughs~

Old Quarrels, Old Love

Had I watched these air on TV I quite possibly would've began to think that this season was going to be Hetty centered. Where was Marilla again in this episode? ~makes note to check~ It was neat to see Romney Penhallow after hearing Hetty and Rachel talk about him in Malcolm and the Baby. I was a tiny bit disappointed that he didn't look quite like what Rachel and Hetty made him sound like. I love it when Hetty falls off the bridge and Romney cries out, "She speaks! A miracle!" Once again, it's fun to see Hetty riled up. ~grins~ When Hetty tells Romney that anything he can do she can do better, the song starts going through my head. ~grins~ I find it amusing that Hetty had been corresponding with Romney all that time and no one knew about it! That's rather amazing.

May the Best Man Win

I always feel so sorry for Jasper in this episode. Olivia briefly casts him aside for that Edwin goober. I love the subplot with Felix and Sara having Peg make the love potion and then Felix becomes engaged to two people. His expression is priceless! Over all this isn't really one of my favorite episodes. There are parts that I really like, but I can't stand that Edwin goober. It was so frustrating that Hetty was suddenly all for Edwin. Yikes! I don't think that Hetty really thought that one through. I was very glad that Olivia came to her senses and realized that her infatuation with Edwin didn't exist anymore.

Family Rivalry

This is another episode where Hetty is simply annoying. Her constant “wooing” over Roger- and at the beginning Andrew- gets on my nerves. I've never really been particularly fond of this episode. I do like the part when Felix and Andrew are fighting on the bridge and then Alec and Roger start fighting on the bridge. I think that that's when this episode started getting good. ~grins~ The story line with the fishing basket is pretty good. I now own a fishing basket similar to Felix's basket. Andrew was a snob in this episode! I realize he was upset with his father, but yikes! He was being a snob before his father even returned! I do like it at the end when Hetty accepts Amos Spry. It was a nice little change with her character.

Sea Ghost

Ah, enter more of Goose-my-Goose. This is a cool episode. Abe Pike is on the scary side! Woah! I really like Captain Crane. I wish that he would've been in more episodes. He has such a neat accent. Another upside to this episode is that the gossips are hilarious in this episode. I love it when Rachel gets riled and can't do too much about what's going on. I'm glad that Gus stayed in Avonlea, but it's too bad that Abe didn't die from the fall. He was okay, but I didn't expect or want to see him in any more episodes. One episode was enough. ~grins~

All the Glitters

Yay! Another mysterious episode. I'm rather fond of the mysterious episodes. The expressions on the gossips face when Hetty's tea leaves tell the truth is funny. I also enjoy the darker tone in this episode. Hetty and Janet get pretty crabby with each other! I do like the part when they're fighting over the map and they rip it in half. I thought that it was interesting that Captain Crane stayed in the cave all night because he knew that Gus would find the cave and that Borden would follow Gus into the cave. It shows that Captain Crane really did care for Gus.

Dreamer of Dreams

The writers must have been in the mood for mysterious episodes. :b hee I feel very sorry for Jasper. The gossips are so cruel to him. The neat thing about this episode is that I think that Hetty realizes that she is being mean to Jasper. It's funny to think about it. Hetty learned something from the gossips! The Madame X column was hilarious. It's too bad that they didn't bring it back in another episode- though, I guess it could be somewhat annoying. I thought that the part where Felix and Felicity ride the bike was well filmed. They did a good job of making it seem as though neither Felix or Felicity had ever ridden a bike before... I wonder how easy the bike was to pedal. From experience I know that old bikes were not the easiest to pedal! The ending of this episode is nice, though I found it a little surprising that Jasper and Olivia kissed in public... though I guess that they probably had forgotten where they were!

It's Just a Stage

Hetty is correct. The artsy Blairs are somewhat wacky! Cousin Pigie Poo got on my nerves. I was very happy when Sara and Pat taught her that everything isn't a stage. It was nice to have another episode taken from Chronicles of Avonlea. Even though the plot was much different, the plot with Theodora and Pat was, in my opinion, much more interesting. I would've liked to see Pat and Theodora in later episodes. I think that there could've been some interesting episodes about them.

A Mother's Love

This episode used to be one of my favorites (I still really enjoy it.). The trick that Sara played on Felicity was rather mean, but I think that overall it was a good trick. Of course Sara and Hetty could've made their points in nicer ways, but this way was rather entertaining. Cecily was adorable in this episode. I love her lines. Felicity's dreams are rather amusing. It's too bad that they didn't show more of them more often! hee We wouldn't want to see the mushy ones with her and Stuart errr... Gus though. ~winks~ Anyway, there was some superb acting in this episode. I find it interesting that we never see that wing of the White Sands again.

Misfits and Miracles

I'm not sure why I love this episode so much... I was lovely seeing Muriel Stacey again. It's a shame that she didn't appear in the third and fourth seasons. I thought that this was a good introduction to Archie Gillis. Sometimes I wonder if they were going to use Rupert as an adversary for Gus... I'm glad that they didn't. Peg Bowen was a nice addition to this episode. It was good to see her again. It's a shame that she was only in one more episode. I felt sorry for Sara. Felix and Rupert were so mean to her! Oh, and what was Andrew doing in this episode? Ah, another unsolved Avonlea mystery. I think that it was a good idea for Sara to assist Janet in delivery. It was nice seeing Felicity drop down another peg. ~grins~ The Kings do have trouble with having babies when a doctor is around though...

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