This is a list of locations that I have been able to find. If you know of more locations, please let me know!

I've never been to any of these places, so I'm unable to tell you what to expect. Remember, some of these places are privately owned. Don't trespass on their property!


Spandina: Aunt Jo Barry's house the front hall and palm room were seen in the movie. The palm room is also in Road to Avonlea Sara's Homecoming. Phone: (416) 392-6910 Address: 285 Spandina Road

Casa Loma: Saint Agatha's in Lantern Hill. The front entrance is where the filming was done. Phone: (416) 923-1171 Address: 1 Austin Terrace (off of Spandina Road)

Victoria College: Queen's University Address: 110 Charles Street West, Toronto

Toronto Harbor: several Avonlea scenes were filmed here. The area around the old Gooderham and Worts factory are the "streets of Halifax". The Empire Sandy is the boat used in When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid

De La Salle College: Maplehurst (only the outside was used in filming) corner of Avenue Road and Farnham Avenue

Black Creek Pioneer Village: Burwick Home was Diana's house and Jasper's house in season one. The store is the inside of Lawson's General Store and the store where Matthew bought Anne's dress. The Black Creek Printing Office was the Avonlea Chronicle the first season. Outside the town hall is where Felix returned Mr. Tremayne's china (Heirs and Graces). Phone: (905) 736-1733 Address: corner of Jane Avenue and Steeles Avenue city of North York, a few minutes north of Toronto. (The Avonlea Convention also takes place here.)

Sullivan Films: If you're on Davenport Road you should somewhere along the way see a sign for Sullivan Films. I'm not sure what all is there... if it's the actual place where the SF merchandise is, or if it's where they film the inside sets. :)

L. M. Montgomery's last home was 210 Riverside Drive on the Humber River. I'm not sure what all is there or if it's open to visitors. :)

East of Toronto


On route two there is a shop that has Victorian clothes and hats. Many of the Road to Avonlea hats were bought here.

Scarborough Bluffs: It's possible that the beach scenes were filmed here. The Road to Avonlea inside sets were filmed in a warehouse.


Uxbridge is where Road to Avonlea was filmed and where the buildings were. The set is torn down, but you can still visit the Avonlea Church and King Farm. HOWEVER, King Farm is privately owned. Respect their privacy and don't trespass! Location: A side road off of Highway 21 east of Coppins Corners in the township of Uxbridge.

Uxbridge-Scott Museum: This has exhibits on LMM and Road to Avonlea as well as a model of the Road to Avonlea set. Phone: (905) 852-5854

Leaskdale Manse: L. M. Montgomery lived in the manse in 1911-1926. Her husband was the pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Right now the house is privately owned and can't be toured. From the Pine Grove Church (Avonlea Church) Leaksdale is a tiny community on highway 1.


Bruce's Mill Conservation Area: The exterior of Diana Barry's house it outside the park's entrance. The house is privately owned. Don't trespass! :) The house was also used as the manse in Enter Prince Charming and The Minister's Wife.

Century Mills This is a small mission station down the road from Bruce's Mill. The footbridge over Lake of Shining Waters was filmed here. The scene where Anne nearly drowns being the Lily Maid is also filmed here. The bridge in the films had to be replaced with a new bridge. The property is privately owned, but the owner doesn't mind people visiting.


Pickering Museum Village: On Highway 6 in the village of Greenwood. There are thirteen historic buildings that are open daily during the summer. The Cole House was Moody's house in Anne1. The house is also Jim the Post's house in Lantern Hill. The interior of Oddfellows Hall was the Carmody Town Hall in Anne. The Bible Christian Church was the Bright River School-house in Lantern Hill as well as the Avonlea Town Hall in various Road to Avonlea episodes.

Greenwood: The scene in Lantern Hill where Jody tells Irene off was filmed on the main street of the village. Greenwood is on Highway 7 outside of Pickering.

West of Toronto


Whithern: A Georgian mansion in downtown Hamilton was Captain Harris' Boston home. The scene when Anne talks to Morgan in the parlor was filmed here. The scene in Lantern Hill with Evelyn's room was filmed here. The dining room, the room where Jane first meets Lillian, and the front hall and stairway were also filmed here (seen in Lantern Hill). The mansion is open afternoons all year round.

Dundurn Castle: The drawing room was used as the Tea Room in Charlottetown (with Aunt Jo, Diana, and Anne). Several of the rooms were used as interiors of Maplehurst.

Address: 610 York Boulevard, Hamilton


Doon Heritage Crossroads: The pioneer village is open from May to December. The Sararas-Bricker Farm was the exterior of the Hammond house. The Seibert House was Rachel Lynde's house (as well as interior). The interior and exterior of The Post Office was the Avonlea Post Office. The General Store was the general store in Anne2. The village inside the park became Avonlea in Anne2. The covered bridge is at the end of the street.


Scarborough Historic Museum: The Cornell House's kitchen was used when Anne treated Minnie May Barry. A few other scenes that were filmed in the house are the scenes when Anne apologized to Aunt Jo and the bedroom scene when Anne sleeps over and jumps onto Aunt Jo.

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