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I first discovered Road to Avonlea in 2000nd. My mother found a copy of "Tales from Avonlea" at a garage sale for twenty-five cents. She thought that the movie looked like something that my brothers and I would enjoy, and she bought it. Later that night, my brothers and I were enraptured with the series. Fifteen minutes into the episode the power went out, and my brothers and I howled. Thankfully, the lights came on a few minutes later. After the first episode, my mother left the room because she figured that the next episode, Proof of the Pudding, would be fine to watch without supervision. After hearing raucous laughter she came back into the room to see what we were laughing about.

In 2004 I thought that it might be fun to make an Anne and Road to Avonlea site. I really enjoyed browsing other Avonlea sites and thought that I might enjoy making one. Well, for those that have been around since the beginning, thanks for sticking with me!

Over the years I've slowly learned the html code. One day I was having trouble getting the script right for the opening page of Lantern Hill. I asked my brother, who is a computer programmer, to help out and he sniffingly- yes, sniffingly- came up the stairs and typed out the correct script. As I watched him type the script, I realized how simple the html code was, and am very grateful that Matt "taught" me how to write it.

I've tried to put my favorite things on my site, as well as things that I remember trying to learn back in 2000nd. If there's anything you want to know or more of, please contact me and let me know! If you see something that's not working, please let me know! If you have a website, let me know and I'll add it to the list. :)

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This is an unofficial site. Permission to put up images and other exclusive information was give by Sullivan Entertainment.

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