This is a list of Avonlea people who have mysteriously disappeared and which episode they were last seen.

I would like to thank Miss Lewis, Shelly , Kindred, Starry Eyes, missking, and other AvonleaMB members that I may have missed.

Rev. Leonard: When She Was Bad... She Was Horrid Part Two

Edward Ray: Another Point of View aka Facts and Fiction

Peg Bown: Vows of Silence aka True Confessions

Mrs. Spencer: Aunt Janet Rebels (mentioned in Momento Mori)

Mrs. Ray: Nothing Endures But Change

Clemmie Ray: Vows of Silence

Mr. Spry: After the Honeymoon

Mrs. Spry: Another Point of View aka Facts and Fiction

Jane Spry: High Society

Ed Lawson: Dreamer of Dreams

Elvira Lawson: Modern Times

Percy Methley: Dark and Stormy Night

Andrew King: Misfits and Miracles

Rev. Fitsimmons: EvelynFONT>

Harmon Andrews: Felicity's Challenge

Abner Jeffries: Aunt Janet Rebels

Sally Potts: Homecoming voice in Return to Me (mentioned in Happy Christmas, Miss King aka An Avonlea Christmas)

Rupert Gillis: Boys Will Be Boys

Morgan Pettibone: Woman of Importance

Digger: possibly A Fox Tale

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