I love the music in Road to Avonlea, and it irks me that it isn't all released to soundtrack or released as sheet music. I do my best to get the music that hasn't been released as well as figure out the notes to the songs. I've been trying to receive permission to put the sheet music up of the songs that I've arranged, but I've never received answers to my e-mails.

The music clips page features clips that I have made using a Zen. I converted the clips to mp3 so that they can be easily added to ones mp3 player.

The sheet music lists sheet music that I've found. I would love for a Road to Avonlea music book to be released and have the book feature not only music written for the show but also feature songs that are sung or played in the series.

The soundtrack page features images and thoughts on the two soundtracks that have been released. I'm hoping to update this page with better reviews and thoughts.

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