These are my Road to Avonlea photos. Please do not take them and put them on your site without first receiving permission from me.
Click on the desired season to see photos from that season. If you have trouble reading the text in the photo, just hold your mouse indicatior over the desired photo.
The Behind the Scene images are not currently working (3/11/13) but am planning to revamp the page in the next month.
I've taken the screen caps using the CyberLink Power DVD program. Captures that are taken when the person is moving will not be as sharp as they appear when watching the episode.

The following are behind the scene photos that were given to me by Ashley Muscroft (the first Dora). In 2006, Ashley visited the forum and posted these photos. She also answered some questions. The questions can be found here.

Promotion Photos
If you have a promotional photo that you don't see on the page, please contact me with the image and I'll add it! :)

Graphic Design
The following pages feature images that I have designed. Click on the image to go to the page.

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