These are Road to Avonlea quotes submitted by myself and other fans. If you have a favorite quote and don't see it here, contact me, and I'll add it. :)

Peg Bowen

“Trickery of mind is just as potent as trickery of deed.” (The Journey Begins)

“Them that belong together must stay together.” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“Human creatures, they may be- friendly I'm not so sure of.” (Conversions)

“The only difference between me and you is that I say in public what you say behind closed doors.” (Conversions)

“You can always size a person up by the kind of dog she keeps.” (Conversions)

“A moment ago you were crying for help like a bleating calf.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

“Felix King and Sara Stanley... you look like a bunch of cupids tied in knots.” {May the Best Man Win}

“If I had that kind of magic I'd be married to the High Governor himself.” (May the Best Man Win)

“You have to be a man to recognize one.” {Misfits and Miracles}

“You're not only a destroy of nature, you're also a bloody hypocrite!” (Misfits and Miracles)

“Ah, but time is of the essence.” {Misfits and Miracles}

Eulalie Bugle

(Eulalie) “Was there gun play?” (Margaret) “Eulalie dear, you don't get arrested for carrying a slingshot!” {A Friend in Need}

“I suppose it's your book.” (Strictly Melodrama)

“There isn't an ostrich left that hasn't been plucked bald.” (The Minister's Wife)

“Girly pictures, and dancing the hoochie coochie.” {The Minister's Wife}

Peter Craig

“Oh, everyone knows everything about everyone in Avonlea.” (The Journey Begins)

“Remember, don't talk to loud, and don't ask too many questions.” (The Journey Begins)

“I told her not to talk to that old fake.” (Sara's Homecoming)

Marilla Cuthbert

“Rachel, I don't know how you can change anyone when your own mind is so set.” (The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“If people could stitch as fast as they could talk a lot would be done in deed.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“No, Sara Stanley, he said no such thing.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“If there's one thing you can be sure of in this life is that when you do wrong someone, sometime, somewhere, will find out.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“I wouldn't consider it skin. It's fat.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Anne Shirley was the best thing that happened to Matthew and Me.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“That's a bandage for fat people.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

Jasper Dale

“You are un- unstopable, Sara Stanley.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“I don't know how good my pictures really are. It- it- it- it's just a hobby.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“You can't listen to what everyone says.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

(Olivia) She'll just never change.” (Jasper) “Well, maybe it's time that you changed.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Oh, it's raining! No wonder I couldn't get it to focus.” (May the Best Man Win)

(Jasper) “Things can be- changed.” (Hetty) “HA!” (Jasper) “Things will be changed.” (Hetty) “HA!” (May the Best Man Win)

“Ain't that... the ... pistol!” {May the Best Man Win}

“Ah... well... I'll give- it- a whirl.” {Misfits and Miracles}

“Did I ever tell you, Mrs. Dale, that you have delectable digits?” (After the Honeymoon)

“I like it when you're a bit loony.” (

“Hetty King is as honest as the day is long.” {Jasper's Home Movie}

“Lucky, lucky lucky day!” {Home Movie}

“He's quite a spiffy person... spiffy tie...” {The Last Hurrah}

“Free.. to... go.” {So Dear to my Heart}

{Hetty} “What's this?” (Jasper) “It's a b- b- baby.” {So Dear to my Heart}

Olivia King Dale

“What do you think she's going to do, put a hex on the hens?” (Conversions)

“Honestly, Hetty, sometimes I think you could whither buds on the vine.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“Oh, this is all Hetty's doing. I know she's my sister, but I really don'y know what to do. She'll just never change.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Hetty King, where are you brains?” (Sara's Homecoming)

“Why, he must have married every woman on the island!” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Hetty King.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“Just a small attack of Hetty Kingitis.” (May the Best Man Win)

“I love you, Jasper Dale!” (May the Best Man Win)

“Hetty King! Don't you track all over my clean floor!” (A Mother's Love)

“He's a nice looking boy. He cuts a fine figure.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

{in a deep voice} “I'll see you in my dreams, tootsi wootsie.” {The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King}

“Hetty, those who can, do.” (The Lady and the Blade)

“You know, Jasper, you have a pretty unusual family. It must be hard to be an outcast.” (Best Laid Plans)

“We have one life to live, lets live it.” {So Dear to my Heart}

“Old Grandpa King used to say, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. So that's what we have to do. Make lemonade.” {So Dear to my Heart}

{Hetty} “Where's Jasper?” (Olivia) “Who?” {Happy Christmas Miss King}

Davy Keith

“I want my mama to have something to play with in heaven.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Say, what's the matter with your face? It's all puffed up like a pumpkin!” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“I gotta loose tooth. Do you want to see it wiggle?” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“I don't talk to God no more.” {Of Corsets, Secrets, and True Love}

“If He won't tell me what I'm thinkin', why should I tell him what I'm thinkin'?” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Cross my heart and hope to die, Miss Marilla! I'll be so good you won't know it's me.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Well, I'm goin' to bed n' start spittin' right away.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“That man's out there again, HE'S the one that's skulking.” {Old Friends, Old Wounds}

“I don't think that Mrs. Lynde would sit still for a game of checkers.” (Otherwise Engaged)

“Mrs. Lynde says I grow like pig weed in the night. “ (Otherwise Engaged)

(Izzy) “Father is going to kill me.” (Davey) “Well, its been nice knowing you.” (Otherwise Engaged)

Alec King

“Cats- amazing creatures, cats. Nine lives they say. Could be as frisky as a kitten in the morning. They're so quick to recuperate.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

“It seems to me that I'm the only one in this family that doesn't know what the other is thinking.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Come on, dear. You don't need skates with me.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“We're all going to miss you around here.” (Sara's Homecoming)

“I'm not as old as you and Felix think I am.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Look, the way she acted today is not perfectly normal for people from my family- maybe it is for you Wards.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Lets not be coy Janet. Everyone knows that you chased me like a bull terrier.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Well, if they were, they had an odd way of showing it.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

(Alec) “Felicity's not our child?” (Felix) “That explains a lot, doesn't father.” {A Mother's Love}

“Well, don't belly ache about it. You've got to stand on your own two feet if you want something badly enough.” (Misfits and Miracles)

“Canterbury can stand without you, but Avonlea can't.” (Another Point of View aka Facts and Fiction)

“Sara, you are in charge this evening- unless those two gain some sense.” (Aunt Janet Rebels)

“Believe me, Jasper, compared to the rest of your family you're normal- maybe even to the point of boring.” (Tug of War)

“You just brained the new school teacher.” (The Lady and the Blade)

“Here Felix, thirteen years old, Felicity, spending all her spare time socializing with friends, and before you know it, Cecily will be wearing high boots and corsets!” (Incident at Vernon River)

“Don't exaggerate, Felix- especially with your mouth full.” (Boys Will Be Boys)

“That girl's a menace! “ (Boys Will Be Boys)

{Hetty}“I heard it directly from the horses mouth” {Alec}“Rachel Lynde.” (Jasper's Home Movie)

“Are there any elves in it?” (Strictly Melodrama)

“Felicity, the horses don't care how you look.” (Stranger in the Night)

(Janet) "You look handsome. Very handsome. Just like your father." (Alec) "Your mother needs glasses, but, I'll never let her get them." (Someone to Believe In)

“Y'know, Felix, this may be difficult for you to believe; but I was your age once, about a hundred years ago. It's Izzy. Am I right? “ (Lonely Hearts)

“Growing up with a smug, know-it-all sister.” {What A Tangled Web We Weave}

“Nothings going to change that birds mind” {So Dear to my Heart}

“It's good to have you home son.” {So Dear To My Heart}

Andrew King

“Remember when they tricked us in the barn loft? You said, 'Let's not get angry, lets get revenge'.” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song of the Night)

“You see, I've been reading since the age of four and all those words, they're up here.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

Cecily King

“Aren't you nervous about going up in front of all those people?” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“I heard they had a secret meeting and he proposed.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“Thank goodness you came out alive!” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“You're awfully pretty Miss Gray.” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“Holding it is almost as good as getting it myself.” (The Proof of the Pudding)

“And Iii'm going fishing with Feeeelix.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Why not? Old people like looking at old pictures.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I'm sorry for whatever I might have done.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Clemmie Ray's mother says that she's a dyed in the old wool maid.” (Aunt Abigail's Beau)

“If Peter does die, will he go to heaven even if he isn't a Presbyterian?” (Conversions)

“You were really pretty, Mama.” (Aunt Abigail's Beau)

“Good luck, Felix. You showed me that sometimes miracles can happen.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

“Ewww..... MOTHER!!! {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Father, you're the best!” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Is it a lie if I don't answer?” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Do I have to do her chores too?” (A Mother's Love)

“Don't let them take me too, Father!” (A Mother's Love)

“Digger's not stupid.” (Felix and Blackie)

“I know stay here in case Digger comes back... Which he never does.” {A Dark and Stormy Night}

“Besides, I thought Felicity would brain him like she did to Felix.” (Vows of Silence)

“AH! DIGGER!” (Incident at Vernon River)

Felicity King

“Bad behavior must be nipped in the bud, nipped in the bud.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Has your father gone to jail yet?” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Felix King! Your play time is up, and it is for the rest of you!” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Aunt Hetty asked me to rub some sense into you and I intend to rub hard.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I am know throughout Avonlea for the excessive amount of cherries in my pie.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Father certainly had more hair back then.” (Aunt Abigail's Beau)

(Sara) “What was that?” (Felicity) “Aunt Hetty calling Mr. Simpkins an old windbag.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“Cricket is such a monotonous sport.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Plenty of time for grown up dresses and fancy balls. He was never a girl.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I'm thirteen and three quarters!” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“He said that I seemed destined in the path of disaster.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Thank you Gus. Beneath your vagabond clothing beats the heart of a true gentleman.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“How will ever be able to show my face in public again.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Mrs. Potts would give advice to a tree if it'd listen.” (Dreamer of Dreams)

“Thank goodness I was born a King and not a Potts.” (A Mother's Love)

“Oh for heaven's sake, don't be so dramatic!” (A Mother's Love)

“With Aunt Hetty on the warpath? Not me.” (When She Was Bad Part 1)

“I have enough creativity to imagine my live without you, Felix.” {Felix and Blackie}

“The only thing expanding around here is Felix's head.” {Felix and Blackie}

“That horse will eat anything, Felix. You two make the perfect couple.” (Felix and Blackie)

“Is there trouble Mr. Business man? Is that mutiny I smell in the air?” (Felix and Blackie)

“The tramp! How dare she take advantage of poor Gus like that!” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“You two just hush up about Gus Pike. You don't know the first thing about it.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“I intend to set my goal higher than a dirt covered lighthouse keeper.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“If she's a woman of virtue then I'm the Queen of Sheba.” {A Dark and Stormy Night}

“Everyone knows I'm a shrewd judge of character.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

(Felix) “Hey!” (Felicity) “Hay is for horses.” (Incident at Vernon River)

“Talk is cheap Sally Potts, and so are you.” {High Society}

(Felicity) “After one day all rights of the cake go to the baker. That's the law.” (Felix) “Whose law?” (Felicity) “The kitchen constables.” (Incident at Vernon River)

“Living with five other people is like living in a fish bowl.” (The Dinner aka Felicity's Grand Design)

“What if I die an old maid in Avonlea without ever having being kissed or swooned? “ (The Dinner)

“Felix, close your mouth and listen.” (The Dinner)

“All right Felix here's a tip, don't brush your teeth with a brick.” {The Dinner}

“Will I have to be married, have three children, and be an old hag before you think I'm grown up?” (Heirs and Graces)

“A woman's wiles can win her any man.” {Felicity's Perfect Beau}

“I'm going to have two children, none of which will look like Felix.” {The Disappearance}

(Hetty) “Idle hands make for idle wit. “ (Felicity) “Felix is certainly proof of that! “ (The Disappearance)

“There is no more grub.” (Fathers and Sons)

“You'd actually leave the farm with Felix? He'd eat more than he'd produce.” (Fathers and Sons)

“You don't talk to Mrs. Lynde, you listen.” (Strictly Melodrama)

“I hate translating Latin. There's a reason it's a dead language.” (Stranger in the Night)

“Would you like to buy some chocolate, Felix? It's very romantic.” (Someone to Believe In)

“I might as well have 'Farm Girl' stitched right on my back!” (Thursday's Child)

“Don't know what I want, I know that I don't want to lose you. “ (Otherwise Engaged)

“Felix's dreams usually turn into nightmares.” (Fox Tale)

“All of Avonlea knows you listen to everyone's calls.“{Return to Me}

(Felicity) “I'm right here, Gus. I always will be. You're my whole life - you always have been. Ever since the first moment I saw you, there's never been anyone else. Remember? You came running into the classroom, barefoot, smoking that awful pipe. I fell in love with that boy. And when this is all over, whether you can see or not, I will marry you just as I should when you first proposed to me. “ Gus “If that's a proposal, I accept. “ (Return to Me)

“That's only half of my problem, Gus doesn't know about Stuart.” {So Dear to my Heart}

“Then I am going to stand in my wedding dress till it rots!” {So Dear To My Heart}

Felix King

“Here comes the part about honest toil.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“Next to Sally Potts, Felicity is a saint.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“Maybe she only comes out at night, when the moon is full and pounces on little children.” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“What did you think she played it with, her feet?” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song of the Night)

“PEEP!” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“Oh, Sara, go swallow a bucket of pig slop.” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“I'd like to see your face down in the mud, Felicity. It'd probably be a good improvement.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I'm washing the windows... just as you asked.” {Proof of the Pudding}

“You were right, it pays to hold your temper and let others lose it for you.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Not 'til you promise to feed me!” (Proof of the Pudding)

“That's right, Felicity. A little food should do the trick.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Someone do something before I croak.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Good morning, Felicity. Aren't you a welcome sight.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Can I take your purse?” (Proof of the Pudding)

“If more adults were deaf, there would be more honesty in children.” {Proof of the Pudding}

“Felicity King is known throughout Avonlea for her cherry pies and her sawdust pudding.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I'm not going to die, nincompoop.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Hmm... These tarts need a little something... How about some poison berries- maybe a pinch of sawdust.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Being eaten alive doesn't sound romantic to me.” (Conversions)

“He was so mad at Aunt Hetty that his veins were going to explode.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“The privater the better.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Willll the summer end without myyyy being kissed?” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Oh, Gus! Meet my sister- or should I say my peerless flower Felicity.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Looks like her peerless flower is a peerless nuisance.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

(Felix) “What's it like living on your own?” (Gus) “Lonely.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I don't understand you. I hate school. My father and mother force me to go.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“You're really strange, Gus. I want to get ride of my family.” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“Aunt Olivia is far too old to get married. Why, they're almost as ancient as you and father.” (May the Best Man Win)

“The higher the better!” (A Mother's Love)

“Felicity's got to go. She's not one of us.” {A Mother's Love}

“Would you sell me if I didn't do my work around the farm?” (Felix and Blackie)

“When I'm a millionaire it'll hardly matter that I made a few mistakes on a mathematics test and forgot to do my chores.” (Felix and Blackie)

“That's impossible! Who could be like her? Who'd want to be like her?” (When She was Bad Part 1)

“Gus must be breathing through his ears!” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“Look Aunt Hetty! I'm arrested!” {A Dark and Stormy Night}

“Just when I was beginning to feel like a real criminal.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“Well you'd better let me see it in case you left something out.” (High Society)

“I'll bet Aunt Hetty never told a fib.” (Tug of War)

“He's at school studying to be a vegetarian.” (Incident at Vernon River)

“Who are you, the kitchen constable?” (Incident at Vernon River)

“How can you hug me and be mad at me at the same time?” (Incident at Vernon River)

“What are you, the kitchen constable?” (Incident at Vernon River)

“I hope I don't get that old and feeble.” (Hearth and Home)

“I don't get any mail” (A Friend in Need)

“He's sick! It's not like you're going out dancing!” (Someone to Believe in)

(Felix) “Oh, you mean you wanted an honest answer.” (Felicity) “Yes, that's why I asked mother.” (Someone to Believe in)

(Felicty) “Except that he left out the part about my being his sister.” (Felix) “I try not to think about that.” (Someone to Believe In)

“Or you can have liver and onions. It's good for your breath.” (Otherwise Engaged)

“Oh, no. Not Velma Bugle. Tell her I'm out of town. No, wait. I'll tell her myself. “ (Lonely Hearts)

“What difference does it make? Now, will you leave me to die in peace? “ (Lonely Hearts)

“No. I don't think you need to change anything! I think that you're perfect the way you are! Well, I do. The way you dress, the way you look...I think you're perfect. Don't go, Iz. Stay here with me. Please. “ (Woman of Importance)

“All right, the first one to bed wins.” {So Dear to my Heart}

Hetty King

“I can assure you, there's no room here unless you're willing to sleep in the chicken coop.” (The Journey Begins)

“No amount of money would be enough to put up someone whose airs and graces outweigh common sense.” (The Journey Begins)

“Fanny Tarbush looks like a head on collision between a fashion plate and a nightmare.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“Humph! Lawyer indeed, a twist of words and confounder of honest people is more like it.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I'm sure poor Thomas is passed caring.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“Oh be quiet you old windbag.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

(Rachel) You have the nerve of a canal horse!” (Hetty) “Well atleast I don't have its figure.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“Olivia, you're all heart and no brain.” (Conversions)

“Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.” (Conversions)

“Raw as calves livers.” (Conversions)

“All I ever can see on Jasper Dale's face is helpless and utter confusion.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“Whiter buds on a vine- that's certainly poetical, isn't it?” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“Have you taken leave of your sense?” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“It's one of life's challenges. To win you have to study hard, reach down within you, you have to go beyond your expectations. Then you will find that glory awaits you.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

“Cows and sows give birth as well, but to my knowledge it doesn't qualify them for teachers college.” {The Witch of Avonlea}

“Really, Olivia, sometimes I wonder what's between your ears.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Why, that's as ludicrous as saying you eloped with Jasper Dale!” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“If the truth be known, you should have stayed away forever.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Well, Blair Stanley, like it or not we're bound together by those we love.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Sara Stanley, never ceases to amaze me at the ridiculous scrapes you get into.” (Sara's Homecoming)

“Least said soonest mended.” {Sara's Homecoming}

“In the privy out back- I hope she falls in.” (Sara's Homecoming)

“Far be it from me, ladies, to toot my own horn.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“Rome wasn't built in a day, to be sure.” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“I'm calm as a cucumber” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“Tonics are for weak livered souls.” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“Mark my words, my boy, you'll never regret going to school.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“The devil's in most people... not me mind you, but most.” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“Bend! I can't bend. The children wouldn't respect me.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

(Romney) “She speaks! A miracle!” (Hetty) “You must be drunk!” (Romney) “On this God forsaken isle of temperance, hardly likely.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“Poor man must have died from lack of sleep.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“I'd sooner dance with the devil.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

(Romney) “As you can see, it's still running.” (Hetty) “What a pity.” (Romney) “If it had been a horse, I would've had to shoot it.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“That's about all he'd (Jasper) compliment.” (May the Best Man Win)

“Oh! Wait! My tea leaves say that a tall, dark, mysterious stranger will be coming to town.” (All That Glitters)

“Hogwash. H-O-G-W-A-S-H, Hogwash.” (It's Just a Stage)

“Over my dead body.” {Misfits and Miracles}

“For the sake of the King name... for the sake of the TREES!” {Misfits and Miracles}

“Where are your eyes... you big baboon!” {Misfits and Miracles}

“Did you see that? Which side are you on?” (Misfits and Miracles)

(Hetty) “Really, Felix, your head is much like you desk.” (Edward) “Yeah, square and made out of wood.” (Another Point of View aka Facts and Fiction)

“Ezekiel Crane! That man wouldn't be able to find the sky even if he was lying upwards in a boat in the Atlantic.” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“If you ask me, to much inspiration seeps in through his vocal cords.” (Vows of Silence)

“If it's him tell him I'm not home... tell him I left for China.” {The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King}

“I hope that's addled your brains in the direction of common sense.” (Tug of War)

“Idle tongues make idle gossip.” (Evelyn)

“Calm yourselves children, calm yourselves.” {The Dinner}

“Well, I intend to bother.” (Heirs and Graces)

“I don't care if it's for the Queen of Sheba. I'd not let her peruse my laundry, either! ” {Jasper's Home Movie}

"This is Avonlea, at least it's the Avonlea I know with all its many inhabitants of whom I am fiercely proud to say I am one. We are farmers, true; one and all we come from noble, hearty stock-Scottish, English, and Irish. We are proud and god-fearing, too, I believe that good fortune has shown on us making this island our very happy home, and you may be sure life here is not all work and no play. Avonlea likes its drama, and we do it too with plenty of zip and enthusiasm. I like to think of us as one large family, and like true family members well, we don't always get along. We're not perfect, no, but we do care a great deal for one another, and one day when we grow old and bid adieu to this fair Earth wonders hope they'll be others to take our place who feel as passionately about Avonlea as we do. Why someday the images you see may be all that's left of the town we love so dearly... A thousand years from now, I suppose, there will be little left to tell of our simple existence, but then perhaps this moving picture will speak to those who come after of how we PEI islanders grew up, lived, married, and died here at the beginning of the twentieth century...
So, when you look around you at the haunted hill, the homestead lights, and the fields tilled by the dead and gone who loved you, you'll say, 'Why I've come home to this life.'... " (Home Movie)

I will never forget the days of my youth. When the waves rippled between my toes, taking the pink and silver grains of sand back out to the depths of the sea. There was a peace then; an indescribable feeling of imortality in the eb and flow of the tide, and the seemingly endless streatch of beach and sky. Now as I gaze out upon those same sparkling waters, I realize that youth is never left behind, but is carried always, gently, in the heart." (Memento Mori)

“Best good cheer, now that's dribble.” (Strictly Melodrama)

"Love is something more than... merely pulling one another out of jams, you know." (Return of Gus Pike)

“It'll be a frosty Friday before anyone gets royalty past Hetty King! “ (Fools and Kings)

“Some young snippet still wet behind his ears?” {Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life}

“Heaven's to Molly! What HAVE the King's come to? “ (Return to Me)

“Don't pull that stuff on me, or I'll slap you! .... SHUT UP!” {Return to Me}

“Tell him, I'm engaged to another man and bringing you home under false pretenses.” {So Dear To My Heart}

“This is my house, YOU get out!” {So Dear to my Heart}

“Those Dales have just drove a nail in Avonlea's coffin. {So Dear to my Heart}

“What hurts Avonlea hurts me!” {So Dear to my Heart}

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today on this day of days, the most courageous young woman came to visit me, and I learned something valuable from her. You see, I'd been fretting and fuming over the changes sweeping over our little town and change is inevitable, course it is. People will leave our town. Some may have to, but Avonlea will never vanish. Gus and Felicity will be staying here to carry on with the Foundling Home and one day start a family of their own, perhaps, but wherever they go, all the young people of Avonlea, the memory of this place, the people, the land, the sea ... these things will never be forgotten but will remain in their hearts forever. And so, I'll ask you all to raise your glasses and join me in a toast. To the bride and groom ... to friends and loved ones, near and far, that wherever you wonder, whatever glorious adventures lie ahead of you, you can rest easy knowing you've A Place To Come Home To ... the Dearest Spot on Earth ... Our Avonlea. “ (So Dear to My Heart)

Janet King

“It's strange though, but I hope it's true. Everyone needs a little romance in their life.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“But far be it from me to interfere with your sense of moral obligation.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

(Janet) “How like a King! Always has to have the last word.” (Hetty) “Well, at least we can spell it, unlike you Wards.” (The Witch of Avonlea)

“Not bad for an old couple, eh?” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Oh, you're acting like an old dog with a bone, Hetty King!” (All That Glitters)

“I think you meant aunt, Hetty- or have your doctors discovered some way?” (A Mother's Love)

“Certainly no one in this house has ever put the King family name on stake. Besides, I think that Alec will make a wonderful coach. He can do anything he sets his mind to.” (Misfits and Miracles)

“Oh, Alec, how can you help? You can hardly move.” (Misfits and Miracles)

“Honestly, Daniel, it'd be easier to dress a slippery eel.” (Felix and Blackie)

“They look like they're going to an execution.” {Another Point of View aka Facts and Fiction aka All the World's a Stage}

“I know what I'd like to do with her, but it's against the law.” (When She was Bad... Part 2)

“Perhaps I shall- if marauding Yankees ever attack Avonlea.” (Vows of Silence)

“Outside with the rest of the particles.” (Tug of War)

“Now, this stroll won't happen to take you anywhere near the lighthouse, now will it?” (Incident at Vernon River)

“You know Hetty King, you are often a remarkable woman. “ (Evelyn)

“It's not like Felicity to let the children get away with murder.” (The Dinner)

(Janet) “I wish you hadn't done that. (Felix)”Done what?” (Janet) Whatever it was that made Hetty look so triumphant.” {Heirs and Graces}

“Felicity, if you slam the door in the face of every boy who puts his foot in his mouth, you're going to need iron hinges. “ (Hearts and Flowers)

“Oh goodness, Alec. If I'd done everything my father wanted me to, I'd never had married you.” (Fathers and Sons)

“Well, the last time you tried to help me you dropped my best pitcher down the well.” {The Great Race}

"Felicity, you're going to school to learn not to sport the latest fashion." (Thursday's Child)

“Felix and Felicity have squeaky wheels; they complain abut everything.” (Thursday's Child)

“Rachel, just do what I do; imagine them in their knickers.“ (Home Where is Where the Heart Is)

“Here's your arm, Olivia, and here's mine.” {So Dear to My Heart}

Lionel Lester

(Lionel) “Be here seven thirty smart.” (Davey) “You mean seven thirty sharp.” (Lionel) “Well, it ain't sharp to arrive late.” (Great Expectations)

“My oldest boy, Nat, has inherited my good looks. Good thing too, because he's as dumb as a bag of hammers.” (Great Expectations)

Rachel Lynde

“Red shouldn't appear on anything but the devil, thats what.” (Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“I have no tact.” (Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“Get away you vile creature.” (Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“I think this quarantine business is poppycock!” (The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“Well, that's what you get with fluff for brains.” (The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“There is nothing worse than a convalescent male.” (The Quarantine at Alexander Abraham's)

“Dimples turn to fat over years, that's what.” (Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“He was balding at eleven.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“You're more of a mother than the two of us put together, thats what.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“If this toothache gets any worse the next funeral you'll go to is mine.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

(Rachel) “Them skinny girls are the first to go.” (Marilla) Then you have nothing to worry about, Rachel. You'll live to a ripe old age.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“The Lyndes have all died with all their teeth and so will I.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Marilla Cuthbert, you're so used to ordering people around you should've been born a general.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

(Davy) “How come you never smile, Mrs Lynde?” (Rachel) “I smile when there is something funny and nothing so far has been funny.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“That boy needs a birch switch to his britches.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“It wouldn't surprise me to catch that boy barking at the moon.” {Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love}

“You are forever arranging my live.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“When I put my head to the plow, I don't turn back.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“I'm going to sue you for habeas corpus.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Your a far better friend than I deserve, that's what.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Ezekiel Crane's not right in the top part of his head, thats what.” (All That Glitters)

“We've got more spinsters here, than a cat's got whiskers.” {The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King}

“I like to identify what I'm eating.” (High Society)

“Let me out or I'll tan your hides, that's what!” (The Lady and the Blade)

“The chair recognizes Alec King” (Boys Will Be Boys)

“You're going to fight fires, not parade around town.” (Boys Will Be Boys)

“These are maple trees, they're supposed to be that color.” (Strictly Melodrama)

“If you ask me, the only thing sillier than a young girl making googoo eyes at a young boy is an old bat making a fool of herself over some old geezer.“(Lonely Hearts)

“You try it, you little French rat and you'll wish you'd never been born.“ (Lonely Hearts)

“Hetty King, the deputy minister isn't coming to give you an award, he won't even notice what's on your head.”{Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life}

“When your heart skips a beat and its not love, it indigestion.” {Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life}

“Why doesn't he join the Army if he wants employment.” {Happy Christmas Miss King}

Clive Pettibone

“Which part of no don't you understand? The N or the O?” (The Lady and the Blade)

“What a piece of dribble.” (The Lady and the Blade)

“Mutiny in the ranks?” (The Lady and the Blade)

“Life is a quest, my boy.” (Incident at Vernon River)

“I'd prefer that you wouldn't refer to your classmates as insects.” (Otherwise Engaged)

Isolde Pettibone

“I even have a friend Felix. I socked him in the nose.” (The Lady and the Blade)

"Felix King, this is pretend safari. That means we play by PRETEND safari rules." (Incident at Vernon River)

“What are we supposed to hunt deer with now- a peashooter?” (Incident at Vernon River)

Gus Pike

“Then I'll leave it fur your.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I've gawt me a speshul bait awright.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Never say no, brings bad luck.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Awta be safe wid me.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I promised to keep her safe like a gentleman awta.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I kissed my dawg... when I had one.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“If you don't intend to return his nose wipe, then lets go.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Still pinning for that milk-fed calf?” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Ever got that kiss you were looking fur?” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Better'n kissin' my dawg!” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Oh! Look at that! She's doin' a play! (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“Felt like guts runnin' to me... Miss.” {Aunt Hetty's Ordeal}

“This here fiddle goes where I go, even to the outhouse.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“I figure I can learn readin' by mornin' and writin' by quitin' time.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“I wanna be a gentleman, Miss.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“What's his finger up in da air for?” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“She saw the angel and the devil. The two of them fightin' away.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“I come because I wanna say somethin' to my teacher, Miss King. You's the first one who tried to help me, Miss King. You got me to go to school. You learned me hot to chew ten times so I don't burp. IF it wasn't for you I wouldn't know nothin' about learnin' n' education. I may wreck the king's English, so I'll say me thanks the only way I know.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“I ain't the type fur riches. Rather sleep easy at night. This here lighthouse will suit me fine.” (All That Glitters)

“If it wasn't fur Miss King, I wouldn't know nuthin' 'bout nuthin'.” (When She Was Bad Part 2)

“My lips are sealed as tight as a pyramids.” {A Dark and Stormy Night}

“That's just the ticket, Felicity!” (Dark and Stormy Night)

(Felix) “Gus, you're a man, right?” (Gus) “Sure ain't no woman.” (Friends and Relations)

“You could never be clumsy, Felicity.” (The Calamitous Courting of Hetty King)

“No it ain't, it's cold enough to freeze my nose hairs stiff.” {High Society}

“There ain't nuthin' wrong with common people.” (High Society)

“I don't know 'bout them, but I'm nawt gonna wait 'round to see some ghosts I don't even want ta see.” (The Lady and the Blade)

“Guess I'd better batten down the hatches and lie low fur a while.” (Incident at Vernon River)

“As some say, talk is cheap, and Sally's is cheaper than most.” (Evelyn)

“Aw, I'm as strong as a bull.” {The Dinner aka Felicity's Grand Design}

“And lucky for you, Felix, he doesn't know a thing about you.” (Heirs and Graces)

“I believe your father is going to lock you up forever.” {Heirs and Graces}

“Take the bird to the ice house, I'm goin' to get my valentine! “ (Hearts and Flowers)

“Seems huntin' season is open.” {Felicity's Perfect Beau}

“I don't fight on principle either, but I will fight for someone I love! “ (Felicity's Perfect Beau)

“Two years?! Anythin' could happen between naow and then... but it will never change the way I feel about you. “ (Felicity's Perfect Beau)

“I wasn't punching myself now, was I?” (Felicity's Perfect Beau)

“His hands on her are as sure as his lips.” {Felicity's Perfect Beau}

“Easiest tip money I've ever made.” (Fathers and Sons)

“That King charm blows them away every time, Felix.” (Fathers and Sons)

"I've been called lots of things. Lucky ain't one of them." (Fathers and Sons)

“And if I were a gentry lad instead of a working lad, I'd accommodate your every whim.” (Modern Times)

“I never saw a site so wonderful as the site I'm looking at now.” (Otherwise Engaged)

“I gave this to you before as an engagement ring and you gave it back. I'm offerin' it to you again. This time, no strings attached. Whenever you're lonely or discouraged, look at it and remember, I love you, Felicity, I always will. “ (Otherwise Engaged)

"How can I write about somethin' that didn't happen? 'Dear, Felicity: Guess what? I'm not engaged to Charlotte Ames.'" (Return of Gus Pike)

“I don't want ya no more. I've gone cowld inside.” {Return to Me}

“Some lives don't hove hoppy ever awfters.” {Return to Me}

“I've travelled, Felicity, and I've seen things. The Southern Cross in the night sky, the fire of Saint Alimoe dancin on the water, land hoovering on the horizon in the mist. I've seen the sun rising on old Spanish parts and the older towns of the Mya, and I'll never see you again. I'll never see your face again. “ (Return to Me)

“Do ya love him?” {So Dear to my Heart}

“In all of your wowrste moments I've never known you nowt to have a hankerchief.” {So Dear To My Heart}

Pierre la Pierre

"It's cruel! It's inhumane! It's inedible!" (High Society)

“That was before you became a spy for that nincompoop.” (Heirs and Graces)

Clara Potts

“Mind you, seeing Jasper Dale would be worth the price of admission.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“I'm not one to spread idle gossip, Mr. McTavish...” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“I can see it from here. It's like a beacon in the night.” (Aunt Abigail's Beau)

“That man may have money, but he hasn't changed a bit in other respects. He's still a Philistine.” (Aunt Abigail's Beau)

(Elvira Lawson) “Another octogenarian died. What is an octogenarian?” (Clara) “I don't know, but you never hear of them 'til they're dead.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“Theodore Simpkins wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a baby and a washboard.” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“Providence moves in mysterious ways, doesn't it, Rachel?” (Malcolm and the Baby)

“My, my, look at what the wind blew in.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Why, Murial Stacey never dragged anyone to school. They flocked to her like bees to honey.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

(Clara) “Oh, I can still remember the terrible practical jokes you used to play on one another. Like the time Hetty put the dead seagull in your lunch pail.” (Rachel) “Oh, no! The pigs eye in the pencil holder was the best.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“She called us interfering meddlers.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

“There's a screw loose somewhere, that's for sure. {Dreamer of Dreams}

“Maybe we could have Jasper fly around it with a paint brush.” (Dreamer of Dreams)

“If it were mandatory, it wouldn't be volunteer, now would it, Bert?” (Boys Will Be Boys)

Muriel Stacy Pettibone

“Filling in the shoes of Miss King is no easy task, believe me.” (Aunt Hetty's Ordeal)

“I think it's a safe wager, Hetty. You see, I have a little card up my sleeve.” {(Misfits and Miracles)

“Say, isn't that your Izzy? My! Doesn't she look smashing!” (A Friend in Need)

(Hetty) "Have you ever... fallen in love?" (Muriel) "Well, no. But... I've stepped in it a few times." (Lonely Hearts)

Blair Stanley

(Hetty) “What kind of person do you think I am?” (Blair) “Don't ask me.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

“Don't talk to me, you old battle ax. You outta be tarred and feathered.” (Nothing Endures But Change)

Sara Stanley

“Aunt Hetty says I'm impossible.” (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

“Sometimes it's a pity your face can't show what your heart is feeling. (The Story Girl Earns Her Name)

Oh, Miss Cuthbert, I'm so sorey.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“Don't believe everything you see girls, and only half of what you hear.” (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish)

“Well, if there are any dead eople in there, I want to see them.” (Old Lady Lloyd)

“What do you expect from a pig but a grunt?” (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song in the Night)

“Look at your own feet, Felicity. Everyone knows you have feet the size of snowshoes.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Cecily, tell your sister I'd rather sleep in the pig pen.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Cecily, when I was your age, I had sailed down the Nile and seen the seven wonders of the world. When I had a stain, I simply threw it away.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“Oh, you're right, Felicity, there are a lot of cherries in your pie.” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I don't want to put my hand in his mouth!” (Proof of the Pudding)

“I'll have nothing to do with two faced jelly fish.” (Felicity's Challenge)

“How tragically romantic.” (The Hope Chest of Aunt Arabella)

“She talks to me like she's an old crow.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“I don't want to grow up if it means being in tears all the time. It's such a waste of energy.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“I imagine she climbed a golden stairs and flew the rest of the way on angel's wings.” (Of Corsets, Secrets, and True True Love)

“Why tell her now? The fun is just beginning.” (A Mother's Love)

“This ugly little pinafore has a huge hem. You can wear it to college, get married in it, and be buried in it.” (When She Was Bad Part 1)

(Felicity)“That hussy probably knocked him in the head then robbed him.” (Sara)“Oh sure, then she kissed him, praised him for his courage, then ran off into the night.. Some robbery!” {A Dark and Stormy Night}

“See how noble Gus is?” (Dark and Stormy Night)

“How can one swoon and be kissed at the same time?” (The Dinner)

“Gus she worships the ground you walk on.“ (The Dinner)

"I hate standing watch. You don't actually do anything. You just stand here getting eaten by anxiety." (Heirs and Graces)

“Felicity, sometimes I think you buttoned you boots when the Lord handed out brains.” {Felicity's Perfect Beau}

Simon Tremayne

“Oh, and at the White Sands we do not saw jeepers.” (Heirs and Graces)

“I will take many things from you, because you are a snail eating, wine quafing, cheese gobbling Frenchie, but I will NOT be called ENGLISH!! “ (Heirs and Graces)

"Me? Aggravate you? You are the supreme aggravator of all time!" (Lonely Hearts)

“I'm un-fireing you.” {What A Tangled Web We Weave}

“I'll string Hetty King by her toes” {What A Tangled Web We Weave}

“You mean having my guests line up like sheep?” {Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life}

Great Aunt Eliza Ward

“Don't raise the dead, dear child. I am still of the living.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“Empty vessels make the most noise.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Cousin Myrtle's husband left her too and she hasn't had a sulky fit since.” (How Kissing Was Discovered)

“It's nice to know that you're good at something.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“Running up and down like you're a colt when you're really ready for the glue factory.” {How Kissing Was Discovered}

“I can see dull witedness runs in the family.” {Hearth and Home}

“You seem to look like your Aunt Hetty. You have that pinched look like the rest of the family.” (Hearth and Home)

"You shouldn't let people dissuade you from discovering what you want to for yourself, Felix. After all, where would one get in the world if you didn't charge ahead. There will bumps and bruises on the way, but, what can you expect?" (Hearth and Home)

“Oh, well, that's all right, dear. You won't be in my way.” (Fathers and Sons)

“You're only young once and old forever.” (Fathers and Sons)

“Father used to call it the the family hairloom.” (Fathers and Sons)

“The only certain thing in this life is that you're going to leave it.” (Fathers and Sons)

“Is it your intention to lurk over my shoulder all morning?” (A Fox Tale)

Elbert Wertz

(Elbert) “Mrs. Lynde has the voice of a moose.” (Felix) “And all the same charms.” (Strictly Melodrama)

(Simon) “Elbert, have you noticed any misdoings?” (Elbert) “Well, uh, I saw the person at table A stir his coffee with a soup spoon.” (Someone to Believe In)


“There go the water rights.” (Andrew King) (Proof of the Pudding)

“If Peg Bowens a witch, then I'm the queen of England.” (Old Lady Lloyd) (Old Lady Lloyd aka Song of the Night)

(Romney Penhallow) “Oh, how I've missed our talks.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

(Romney Penhallow) “Hetty, atleast these roads aren't as narrow as your mind.” (Old Quarrels, Old Love)

(Elvira Lawson) “Why doesn't he do something?” (Mrs. Biggins) “Like what?” (Elivira) “Well, I don't know, kiss her.” (May the Best Man Win)

“You don't know how much you care for a body 'til you're near to losin' them.” (Jim Armstrong) (May the Best Man Win)

“There goes Hetty King; regular like clock work and twice as reliable.” {older man} {Happy Christmas Miss King}

“What's the old harpie saying?” {Mrs. McPhea} {What A Tangled Web We Leave}

“That woman has a mind of an elephant, and thats not the only thing they have in common.” {Mr. Harrison) (Old Friends, Old Wounds}

“An outhouse is good enough for a Potts” {Home Movie} {Bert Potts}

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