This page features various videos that I've found on youtube that feature original promotional clips or interviews of Avonlea during its original airing. If you find a video that I don't have listed please, let me know!

Season One
Intro to New Show
Old Lady Lloyd

Season Two
All that Glitters
Misfits and Miracles

Season Three
E! Calamitous Courting Behind the Scenes - Part One
E! Calamitous Courting Behind the Scenes - Part Two
Calamitous Courting of Hetty King

Season Six
The Trouble with Davey

Season Seven
Ah... Sweet Mystery of Life
The Last Hurrah
So Dear to My Heart

Lally Cadeau (season seven)
Mag Ruffman (season seven

Harvest Festival (season two)
Harvest Festival (season three)

Sullivan's Clips

An Avonlea Christmas

Road to Avonlea

2006 Reunion Clip

Sarah Polley reading How Kissing was Discovered

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