Sullivan Entertainment released twenty-two Road to Avonlea tapes and each tape contained two episodes.

Disney released four tapes and advertized two more tapes, which would have had All that Glitters, Sea Ghost, Return to Me, and So Dear to My Heart, but those two tapes were never relased for reasons unknown to me.

Astral released, I believe, the first two seasons onto tape. Each of their tapes contained two episode with the exception of the last tape of the season which contained one episode. I would love to have the scans of the backs of the Astral videos. If you have an episode that I don't have a photo of I would really appreciate it if you would scan or take a photo of the box and send me the image.

To learn which tapes had which episodes hold your mouse over the desired image and a box will pop up telling you the titles.

Sullivan's Covers

The following is a list of how many episodes Sullivan released in each season.

Season One - 11

Season Two - 11

Season Three - 8

Season Four - 4

Season Five - 4

Season Six - 1

Season Seven - 4

Disney's Covers

Astral's Covers

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