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Anne of Green Gables: A brief page with a few pictures and thoughts of the movie.

Anne Shirley Homepage: This is a very nice site. There is information on the books, calenders, puzzles, information on films, and much more!

Green Gables: This is a really neat site. The person made a map of what he thought the locations of Green Gable and Orchard Slope would be.

The Official Anne Forum : This is a wonderful forum and there are some great members. The discussions move fairly quickly, which has its ups and downs. This website also has a Road to Avonlea sections and Wind at My Back section.

Official Anne site: Sullivan Enterainment recently updated their sites. Nearly everything is up and running. The site has some behind the scene and edited clips that are worth watching if you don't have Anne on dvd. The site runs slowly, and if you have dial-up internet it may take quite some time to load.

LMM-anne.net : This site has information on both Anne and Lucy Maud Montgomery. There are some lovely quizzes that are heaps of fun to take.

Green Gables : This site hasn't gotten updated in quite some time, but it has bloopers from all three movies. The blooper list is the best blooper list I've ever come across for Anne. It also has the movie scripts and some screen caps.

Road to Avonlea

The Magic Lantern Road to Avonlea Guide: One of the few RtA sites to still receive updates this site is a wonder spot to check out, especially if you're looking for a stupendous episode guide!

Avonlea: This is an interesting site. It has an episode guide with a timeline.

Avonlea Dreams: A wonderful site with games and mid clips.

Avonlea Exclusive: This site has cast addresses, photos,

Avonlea Memories: A brief site with a few pictures and memories of Avonlea.

Avonlea Traditions: Here you can read various RtA articles that were printed in Avonlea Traditions.

Avonlea.tv: Avonlea.tv is wonderful site to find midi clips from various episodes. I highly recommend that you check it out.

Avonlea- a place to come home to.: A nice site with various information and pictures about the series.

Avonlea- A place where your dreams come true. A lovely site with memorable moments as well as pages devoted to various characters.

Avonlea: A cute site with neat pages devoted to Felicity and Gus, and Felix and Izzy.

Felicity King On-line: This site has some very nice pages that are worth checking out.

Neighbors of Avonlea: This is really neat site and worth checking out.

Road to Avonlea: This is the official Road to Avonlea site. It has an episode review and behind the scene information.

Shelly's Avonlea : This site has wonderful information about what the actors are currently doing.

Virtual Avonlea Dating: This is a very intriguing site. It has some interesting pages as well as some fan fiction.

Avonlea.hu: This is a wonderful Road to Avonlea site. It's one of the best around. It has episode reviews, screen caps from nearly every episode, a forum, and information about the Avonlea Convention.

Definite Road to Avonlea : This site also doesn't get updated very frequently, but it has a episode review that has a time line. It also has information about the newest Road to Avonlea season available for DVD.

Not Just Another Avonlea Webpage: This site has picutres and wallpapers.

CamNCon Avonlea: This is a very interesting page and has some unusual pages. :)

Avonlea Remembered: This site is very nice. It has general RtA information. It also has a section devoted to Emily of New Moon.

Avonlea Crossroads: This site has quite a bit of information. It has pictures, polls, episode guides, quotes, and more.

Road to Avonlea in Japan: This site has information about RtA airing in Japan. It also has some midi clips.

Auntie Janet's Rose Garden: This page has a wonderful subpage on Road to Avonlea. It has tons of information about the music heard on Road to Avonlea.

Candid Photos: This site has nine pictures from the Harvest Festival.

Kerry and Christon's Avonlea Page: This page has bloopers, favorite and least favorite episodes and Avonlea mysteries. This page is a lot of fun to read.

Road to Avonlea- Uxbridge: This site has Road to Avonlea records.

Avonlea- It Was Love at First Site [club]: This site is a Yahoo! club where you can talk about Road to Avonlea.

Ain't that the Pistol: This page is dedicated to Jasper Dale and has some interesting pages about him.

Avonlea Quotes: This site has tons of quotes from all seven seasons.

Sites About Actors

Zachary Bennett

Forever Zach: This is an excellent site with information on Zach. It gets updated very often. It has pictures and tons of information on Zach.

Colleen Dewhurst
Colleen Dewhurst: This site was created in memory of Colleen. It has wonderful information.

Marilyn Lightstone

Marilyn Lightstone: This is an excellent site that has a lot of information on Marilyn.

Michael Mahonen

My Michael Mahonen Site: This site has quite a bit of information on movies and plays that Michael has been in.

Michael Mahonen Yahoo! Group: Want to join a group that talks about Michael? Then check this out!

Mickey Vision: This site has pictures of shows that Michael has been in.

Mickey 2000: This site has a bio and some information on Michael.

Michael Mahonen: This just has a few pictures of Michael.

Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley: This site has tons of information on things that Sarah is up to. It also has pictures of movies that Sarah has been in.

Mag Ruffman

A Repair to Remember: This site has quite a bit of information on Mag. It has tons of links to columns written by Mag.

Gema Zamprogna

ZamFan: This site has information and pictures of Gema.


LMM Institute: This is the "on-line" home of Lucy Maud Montgomery. There is a lot of wonderful information.

Sullivan Boutique: This is the best place to find official products and be guaranteed that you'll receive the items. The prices are mite high, but the service and quality is excellent.

Wind at My Back: This is the official Wind at My Back site. It has wonderful information about the show.

Sullivan Movies: This site has wonderful clips from Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back. It also currently has a exclusive interview with Jackie Burroughs and Mag Ruffman.

Beyond Green Gables: This is Sullivan Entertainment's on-line magazine. It has the winners of the poetry contests, reviews on movies, and more!

Emily of New Moon: This is a wonderful Emily site. This site has tons of information about the TV series, screens caps, and current information about the actors.

Weaver of Dreams: A lovely site about the Emily of New Moon trilogy. It has reviews of the books, quotes from the books and a short biography about Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Pat of Silverbush : This site has a nice list of people and places, as well as an excellent time line.

Valancy and Her Blue Castle: A site dedicated to The Blue Castle. It's a very nice page. :)

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